Central Michigan University, commonly known as CMU, is among the top 100 largest universities in the United States. It was founded in 1892 and was initially named Central Michigan Normal School and Business Institute. It then changed to Central Michigan Normal School a year later before finally settling for Central Michigan University in 1959. CMU gained university status after a record enrollment (at the time) of 4,500 students. CMU has grown over the years to become one of the most trusted institutions for career development. This article will provide you with enough information regarding the admission procedures and the acceptance rate at Central Michigan University.

Located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, CMU enrolls both undergraduate and graduate-level students. The total population currently stands at 25,900, with the majority being undergraduates (19,000). The institution also has only 8% out-state students, one reason why there is moderate ethnic diversity. Central Michigan University is one of the U.S universities with a high percentage – 23% – of distance learners. The ratio of instructors to students is 1:22, which is not among the best in the nation. Also, only about 65 percent of the teachers are full-time employees. These two factors are the main contributors to the school’s low on-time graduation rate, which is currently at 22%.

CMU is divided into eight different colleges offering a variety of programs. It offers 135 undergraduate degrees in 24 different fields of study (82 majors) with Doctorate being the highest graduate program at the university. The last graduation ceremony saw over 4,000 students receive these degrees. Health and Physical Education is the most popular course at the institution, followed by Business Administration and Management. The best-ranked program, on the other hand, is Entrepreneurial Studies. Central Michigan University is best known for the fact that it owns and operates Brooks Astronomical Observatory established in 1964. Are you interested in joining the university? Read on to find out more about its admission requirements and the acceptance rate at Central Michigan University.

The university is an active member of the athletics programs in the country. It has sixteen teams in NCAA Division 1 and has been the source of some star names in the field such as Antonio Brown. In terms of housing, there are 22 residence halls located within the campus grounds. They host both the freshmen and older students with most of them being two-bedroomed. Apart from classwork and athletics, students can also interact with their colleagues in several organizations and clubs. Each club has a unique agenda aimed at entertaining, educating, and improving the social lives of the students at CMU.

Acceptance Rate at Central Michigan University

Before applying for any university, it is always important to be well-aware of some critical admission requirements. The acceptance rate is one of the considerations, and CMU’s is currently 67/8%. This institution is, therefore, moderately competitive, which should give you a better chance of being selected. Successful applicants selected in the previous windows had an average GPA of 3.4. When it comes to SAT/ACT, those accepted either had ACT scores of around 23 or SAT results of above 1100 points. It is important noting that you will need to pay a nonrefundable application fee.


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