The importance of a college education simply cannot be overstated. It gives you all the tools you will need to pursue the professional and educational goals you have set for yourself while also opening the doors for a myriad of different opportunities. Needless to say, it is truly indispensable if you are looking to make something of yourself.

Sadly, the matter of finances and costly tuition bar many otherwise brilliant individuals from achieving their full potential. However, it should be stated here that this need not be the case as there are always more affordable options. This article presents readers with a couple of worth alternatives to overly-expensive schools. Listed here are just a few of the cheap colleges in the great state of Georgia.

Cheap Colleges in Georgia

1. College of Coastal Georgia

  • In-State Tuition – $106.8 per credit hour
  • Out-of-State Tuition – $394.53 per credit hour
  • International Tuition – $394.53 per credit hour
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As an institution, the CCGA gives a premium to the development of its students’ leadership skills. It does so by providing them with crucial opportunities to test their mettle by nurturing the spirit of volunteerism through community engagement and service learning. To do so, the college has developed a strong relationship with its community partners while also coordinating with the Jekyll Island Authority and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and the Southeast Georgia Health System just to name a few.

Moreover, CCGA prioritizes a practical approach to classroom material which emphasizes direct engagement and hands-on application of the program. Students can choose from the baccalaureate degrees offered by CCGA. These programs include Mathematics, Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Biological Sciences, and Business Administration. Students can also opt to take degrees in Health Informatics, Nursing (BSN), and Psychology, among others.

Listed among the most affordable higher education institutions on the southeast coast, in addition to our Georgia residents, the College of Coastal Georgia (CCGA) offers its students the chance to experience an engaging and interactive education at a reasonable rate.

2. Georgia Gwinnett College

  • In-State Tuition – $133.93 per credit hour
  • Out-of-State Tuition – $500 per credit hour
  • International Tuition – $500 per credit hour
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Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) seeks to become a leading 21st Century Liberal Arts College. There is certainly no denying that it is on its way to becoming just that. A growing community, with a population of 12,831 students, GCG is considered by many as the perfect example of what we imagine a metropolitan college campus could be.

This cheap college in Georgia takes pride in its transformative and innovative approach to education. Its curriculum and educational philosophy give premium to the development of a healthy dynamic between its student body and its faculty. For instance, smaller class sizes and pristine facilities enable its educators to give each student the attention they need. GGC gives its students significant leeway on to they wish to go about their education by taking into account their learning style, work schedule, and other factors that may have an impact on their ability to learn.

GGC offers associate and baccalaureate degrees in Business Administration, Biology, Chemistry, Cinema, and Media Arts Production, among others.

3. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

  • In-State Tuition – $106.8 per credit hour
  • Out-of-State Tuition – $394.53 per credit hour
  • International Tuition – $394.53 per credit hour
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Another cheap college in Georgia is Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC), which is a public higher education institution that has its sights set for greatness. It stands as the South’s premier college for the Agricultural Sciences, upholding a tradition of academic excellence establishment. Founded in 1908, the college has provided its students with hands-on learning that is unlike any other.

ABAC offers a wide array of degrees for its students. These academic programs are currently housed in four distinct schools. Namely, these are the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, the School of Arts and Sciences, the Stafford School of Business, and, of course, the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

As an institution, it seeks to empower and embolden its students to commit themselves to an education that can only be described as life-changing. By design, its curriculum is focused on encouraging and preparing students to make positive contributions to the communities where they live and work.

4. Paine College

  • In-State Tuition – $495 per credit hour
  • Out-of-State Tuition – $495 per credit hour
  • International Tuition – $495 per credit hour
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Paine College is a private and church-related higher education institution. It has made it its mission to ensure that its students are given a liberal arts education of the highest quality. Its curriculum gives due emphasis on personal development, ethical and spiritual values while also fostering an environment conducive to academic excellence and social responsibility.

The academic units of this cheap college in Georgia are currently organized into two distinct schools. Namely, these are the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Professional Studies. Take note that each school has three departments under them and students can choose from any of the 16 majors being offered which include Early Childhood Education, English, History, Psychology, Sociology as well as Philosophy and Religion just to name a few.

It is worth noting that Paine College has developed an interactive and engaging approach to its classes. The same can be said for its research programs, with the college having a regular presence in prestigious regional, national, and international academic conferences.

5. Toccoa Falls College

  • In-State Tuition – $333 per credit hour
  • Out-of-State Tuition – $333 per credit hour
  • International Tuition – $333 per credit hour
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Our last candidate in our list of cheap colleges in Georgia is Toccoa Falls College. Established in 1907 as a non-profit, private, Christian liberal arts college, Toccoa Falls College (TFC) is known to many as one of the premier Christian educational institutions in Georgia. In its mission to prepare its students for the realities of the world, TFC has found a way to integrate academic excellence with biblical truth that is geared towards the strengthening of the individual’s spiritual foundation.

Focusing primarily on the training of future leaders, TFC is dedicated to giving its students the best quality education while preparing them to become integral parts of a Christian community. It does so through its certificate and undergraduate degree programs offered by the four schools under TFC. Namely, these are the Fetterman School of Nursing, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Arts & Sciences, and the School of Christian Ministries.

The main campus of TFC is located in northeast Georgia and it currently hosts 1,700 students.


There you have it. This article on cheap colleges in Georgia just goes to show that tuition costs shouldn’t hamper your education. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.