Attending college is considered to be one of the most important milestones in everyone’s life. It teaches you valuable skills, essential abilities and helps you make lifelong friends. What’s more, such education improves your career prospects and job security, which are immensely important these days. However, affording a college degree is often a factor that stops many young people from applying.

If you’re worried about paying for college, don’t fret. While a college education can be expensive, there are many colleges that have cheap tuition and fees while maintaining high teaching standards. Colleges in Virginia, for instance, offer inexpensive degrees, courses, and programs for all students, regardless of their nationality.

Cheap Colleges in Virginia

1. New River Community College

New River Community College offers over 40 occupational programs as well as college transfer courses. The class sizes at this cheap college in Virginia are relatively small, which efficiently allows one-on-one teaching. Moreover, this institution helps its students get a head start on college through attending summer courses and activities, which help students enroll in various 4-year colleges as well as universities.


2. Mountain Empire Community College

Being a comprehensive 2-year school, Mountain Empire Community College serves all students in Virginia as well as from other states. What’s more, this college offers its students courses, programs, and degrees in 68 fields of study. Each year, over 5,000 students enroll in this community college and most of them continue their education at a university level.


3. Central Virginia Community College

The next cheap college in Virginia is Central Virginia Community College offers its students flexible learning as well as quality courses, diplomas, certificates, and degrees. This college has various financial aid programs as well as internships in order to help its students grow and develop various skills. Moreover, its football team competes nationally and offers scholarships for the most talented athletes.


4. Wytheville Community College

Established in 1963, this college offers general education programs as well as specialized workforce courses, degrees, and certificates. It also helps its students in the university admission process through college transfer credits and scholarships. Moreover, Wytheville Community College is located in a rural as well as an urban area, which allows its students to explore Virginia while studying at this college.


5. Dabney S Lancaster Community College

Dabney S Lancaster Community College offers courses and certificates in fields such as Healthcare as well as Business and Administration. Students choosing this cheap college in Virginia are able to participate in a wide array of cultural events, recreational activities, and sporting events. Moreover, all its students are able to adjust their schedules to their needs regardless of the program they are attending.


6. Eastern Shore Community College

Eastern Shore Community College offers quality education in almost all fields of study. This college also offers GED classes during the school year as well as during summer to help students prepare for higher education. What’s more, most of the students enrolled at this institution receive financial aid packages, which help them with tuition as well as living expenses.


7. Patrick Henry Community College

  • In-State Tuition (per credit hour): $154
  • Out-of-State Tuition (per credit hour): $330.60
  • International Students Tuition (per credit hour): $330.60
  • All Tuition Fees

Located in Martinsville, Patrick Henry Community College was established in 1962 and serves a big area in Virginia. This school offers various courses such as Health Sciences, General Studies, and Technical Education. Furthermore, this institution has an impressive international student body and offers them the same type of financial help as their domestic students.


8. Danville Community College

The next cheapest college in Virginia is Danville Community College, which offers courses in various manufacturing fields, criminal justice, and health sciences. It also supplies college preparatory courses and certificates for older students as well as those who didn’t graduate from high school.


9. Rappahannock Community College

Located in Glenns, Rappahannock Community College offers certificate programs, degrees, professional training, and courses suited for everyone’s taste. This school allows dual enrollment as well as transfer programs and credits from other colleges. Moreover, this institution is partnered with various universities, making the transition to a four-year college easier for its students.


10. Tidewater Community College

Owning five campuses, Tidewater Community College accepts applications all year round without any exceptions. This cheap college in Virginia offers various courses and degrees and sending in an application is free – even for international students. What’s more, this community college organizes various cultural events in Virginia for its students as well as all citizens, including school fairs, national holiday events, and many more.


I hope that this article on cheap colleges in Virginia was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!