Pakistan is one of those countries where parents usually expect their children to study either engineering or medicine. Well, not so often anymore because now there’s a lot of other fields of study that is being explored here by young people. However, a large number of people still want to study medicine because it is a very rewarding career to choose both from a personal point of view and a financial one. However, as in most other countries, it’s not easy to get accepted to medical school in Pakistan, especially if you’ve got your eyes on a public institute.

These public colleges and universities have very few spaces to accommodate students and are very difficult to get into. On the flip side are private institutes. These are more accessible from an admission point of view but are much more expensive than public institutes. Due to this reason, we have created a list of seven cheap medical colleges and universities in Pakistan that you can consider going to if you are on a tight budget. Do note, however, that these are still nowhere near as affordable as their public counterparts but at least you’ll have some options to consider after reading this.

List of Affordable Medical Schools in Pakistan

1. Sharif Medical College, Lahore

Annual Fee: Rs. 665,100 or $4256

Sharif Medical College is located in the bustling city of Lahore. Its mission is to serve the nation by making advanced medical education accessible to young people who are passionate about helping others. This cheap medical school in Pakistan focuses on creating leaders in the field of medicine with strong ethical values and instilled with dedication and a love for hard work. The faculty is highly competent, regularly taking part in training programs as well as seminars to constantly learn more about their field. The college also offers an outreach program whereby students are exposed to underprivileged areas in order to understand the problems of people living in such conditions.

2. Hamdard College of Medicine, Karachi

Annual Fee: Rs. 680,000 or $4341

If you want to learn medicine in the biggest metropolis of Pakistan, take a serious look at Hamdard College of Medicine. It has a very strong reputation in the world of academics in Pakistan and is part of the larger Hamdard University. Students are trained at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The college is committed to training dedicated and hardworking doctors. The college is one of the few of its kind where students from countries like Iran, Bahrain, Canada, the USA, and Saudi Arabia also come to study. If you want to study at a well-reputed college of medicine in the busiest city of Pakistan, then Hamdard College of Medicine is a very strong choice.

3. Islam Medical College, Sialkot

Annual Fee: Rs. 692,000 or $4417

On the historic road leading to Pasrur some 7km away from Sialkot, Islam Medical College is a great choice to study medicine in a considerably quiet part of the country. The college is part of Islam Central Hospital and was created in 2010. This cheap medical school in Pakistan is a fairly young college but it has been successful in training medical practitioners from around the country. It focuses on giving students state-of-the-art education of medicine to enable them to compete not only in Pakistan but also globally if they choose to.

4. M. Islam Medical College, Gujranwala 

Annual Fee: Rs. 692,000 or $4417

Affiliated with the M. Islam Teaching Hospital and the Siddique Sadiq Memorial Trust Hospital, this college aims to provide top-class medical education to aspiring medical practitioners. The college takes 100 students every year and ensures that they are given all that they need in order to be competent in their chosen field. The college’s objective is to create an environment that is conducive to learning for the students and give them access to all the skills they need to work in this highly challenging field.

5. Akhtar Saeed Medical College, Lahore

Annual Fee: Rs. 774,000 or $4941

Located in the heart of Punjab, Akhtar Saeed Medical College in Lahore is known for training successful and competent doctors and medical practitioners for a considerably affordable tuition fee when compared to other private medical institutes. This cheap medical school in Pakistan was established by Dr. Farooq Saeed Khan with the aim of providing the best possible academic and cognitive skills to aspiring doctors of Pakistan. The college also focuses on imparting empathy for the deprived citizens of the country in the students so that they can be better medical practitioners.

6. Al-Nafees Medical College, Islamabad

Annual Fee: Rs. 787,00 or $5024

If you wish to study in the capital of Pakistan, among lush green landscapes and fresh air, then the Al-Nafees Medical College deserves your attention. It’s part of the renowned and well-reputed Isra University and has been developed as a state-of-the-art medical teaching facility. The college has modern equipment and futuristic labs to help medical students learn about their fields. There is also a vast digital library with e-books to help students learn on the go in this digital world. There are also operative skill labs that make this college more interesting than many others. A focus on research is also very obvious, which is why students place this college in high regard.

7. Continental Medical College, Lahore

Annual Fee: Rs. 800,000 or $5107

Established in 2006, the Continental Medical College has made quite a name for itself in the realm of private medical colleges. The college was created with the dream of bringing together the best faculty and the most modern infrastructure together in order to help train exceptional medical practitioners. The college has been successful in doing exactly this in the short time it has existed in Pakistan. This cheap medical school in Pakistan also recognizes that not everyone can afford medical education in the country and offers scholarships to competent students who come from less privileged backgrounds.

So, as you can see, there are many options for affordable medical colleges in the private sector in Pakistan no matter which city you reside in. As always, if you can get into a public college, then you’d be paying much less money but in case you want to enroll in private institutes, these are your best bets if you want to spend as little money as possible.


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