Denmark is touted as one of the best places to live and work in. Expectedly so, it has been considered as one of the greatest countries to study as well. Apart from having idyllic landscapes, the country boasts of a high quality of education that is at par (if not greater than) most countries.

While Denmark is notorious for having a high cost of living, there are cheap universities in Denmark for international students. Let’s take a look at them!

What Are the Requirements of Studying in Denmark?

To study in Denmark, you first need to have your qualifications assessed. In case your high school or bachelor’s diploma do meet the qualifications for entrance, you will need to satisfy these other requirements:

  • Certain GPA (depending on the university)
  • English proficiency (or Danish proficiency, if you wish to study a Danish-taught program)
  • Interview/entrance exam

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Can You Study in English at Danish Universities?

Yes. However, most Master’s programs are taught in English, while Bachelor’s degrees are often taught in Danish. At the Technical University of Denmark or DTU, applicants need to have an IELTS score of 6.5 or a TOEFL-iBT result of 88 to be admitted. Higher results apply to the University of Southern Denmark or SDU, which requires a band of 7.0 for the IELTS and 100 for the TOEFL-iBT.

Cheap Universities in Denmark

1. University College of Northern Denmark

UCN Denmark, which was founded in the year 2008, is a college that offers professionally-relevant courses. UNC Denmark is the cheapest university in Denmark for international students with tuition fees starting from $7,225 a year.

In coordination with Aalborg University, UCN offers 2-year academy professional degrees. It also offers 1.5-year top-up programs in the fields of Hospitality, Digital Concept Development, Software, Sport, Web Development, and Sales & Marketing.

UCN also offers 3.5-year bachelor’s degrees in Architecture and Export Management. Despite its lack of post-graduate courses, UCN also engages in intensive research. Given its affordable fees, UCN Denmark to date has attracted many foreign enrollees – 1,200 full-time students to be exact.

It currently has campuses in Aalborg, Thisted, and Hjorring.

2. University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) was established in the year 1998. It has a main campus in Southern Denmark and another in Zealand.

Even with its young age, it is recognized as one of the top 50 universities under 50 years. SDU has proven so through its world-class programs, which are organized under the Faculties of Engineering, Social Science, Humanities, Engineering, and Science.

As the third-largest university in Denmark, SDU is home to 22,500+ students, 14% of which come from foreign countries.

3. Aarhus University

Aarhus University is another affordable university in Denmark for international students. Based in Aarhus, the university was founded in 1928 – making it the second-oldest in the country. As for rankings, it currently places second after the University of Copenhagen.

The university categorized its programs into the five faculties of Arts, Natural Science, Health, Business, and Technical Science.

Aarhus is home to 26,300+ students, 10% of which are from international backgrounds.

4. Roskilde University

Roskilde University, which is based in Trekoner, was founded in the year 1972. As a public university, it is recognized as one of the best in Denmark in terms of Communication & Media Studies and Politics & International Studies.

This cheap university in Denmark is academically organized in the four departments of Communication & Arts, People & Technology, Science & Environment, and Social Science & Business. It also offers International Bachelor’s degrees in Natural Science, Social Science, and Humanities.

Although the university has a small population of 6,305 students, it has an ever-expanding international community. Its foreign student body is currently at 14%.

5. University of Copenhagen

Founded in 1479, the University of Copenhagen is the second-oldest in the Scandinavian region. It was established by Christian I, who opened the school as a theological institution.

From educating clergymen, the university now has six faculties spread across 4 campuses. These colleges specialize in the fields of Health & Medical Science, Law, Science, Humanities, Social Science, and of course, Theology.

As one of the most affordable universities in Denmark, the university has 30,700+ students – 17% of which are of international descent.

6. Aalborg University

Founded in 1974, Aalborg University is a research institution with branches in Copenhagen, Aalborg, and Esbjerg. Compared to other schools, Aalborg views itself to be unique as it focuses on interdisciplinary and inter-faculty studies. These efforts have more than paid off, as Aalborg University is currently ranked the 4th-best university in the country.

The university’s experimental curriculum is practiced in its five faculties, which oversee the programs in Humanities, Social Science, IT & Design, Engineering & Science, and Medicine.

To date, Aalborg University has 16,227 students – 14% of which come from outside Denmark and the EU.

7. Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark or DTU is a reputable institution located in Kongens Lyngby. Founded in 1829 as the Den Polytekniske Læreanstalt, it was granted university status in 1995.

This affordable university in Denmark is organized into multiple departments and a handful of research centers.

As a top 3 university in Denmark, DTU employs the most number of foreign students – which is about 25% of its 9,412 enrollees.


I hope that this article on the cheap universities in Denmark was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Programs in Europe for International Students to know more!