Moldova, also known by its official name of the Republic of Moldova, is a country located in Eastern Europe. Its capital is the city of Chisinau, which is situated in the south-central region of the country. The official language in Moldova is Romanian (also called Moldovan).

Moldova is a hilly country with a slightly cold climate during autumn and winter, and rather cool in the spring and summertime. It is a landlocked country that borders both Ukraine and Romania.

When it comes to its education, its system is divided into pre-school, primary, secondary, and higher education. The organism responsible for education in the country is the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research. This is the place where you’ll have to validate your diplomas as an international student.

There are 15 private and 16 state institutions of higher education in Moldova. Moldovan students are taught approximately 20 hours of classes weekly, which happens to be among the highest amount of hours per week taught in the world. Also, the good news is that there are many cheap universities in Moldova!

What are the characteristics of the Moldovan higher education system?

Higher education in Moldova is divided into short-term college types of studies and university types of studies. Since 2000, degrees of Bachelor’s and Master’s studies started to be implemented to adapt the Moldovan system to international standards.

There are both public and private institutions for higher education in this country.

Private education became an alternative to state education since the end of the 1990s. These types of institutions obey the regulations established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Moldova.

Is it possible to study in English in Moldova?

The language of instruction before 1989 was Russian. After the fall of the Soviet rule in Moldova, the language of instruction started to be Moldovan and continues to be nowadays.

However, there are some schools in the country that serve the needs of minority groups and teach in languages such as Russian, Ukrainian, French, Gagauzian, and Bulgarian.

In the case of English, not many universities offer programs completely taught in English. It is more usual to find programs that mix Moldovan with another language, like English.

How is the application process at Moldovan universities?

In order to apply to higher education institutions in Moldova, international students must have a series of legal documents. These are similar to what you need in other countries.

A copy of a passport, a copy of a document that proves to have successfully completed secondary education, and a copy of a visa or a residence permit of the domicile country of the international citizen are some of the documents required.

It is also necessary to have an official letter from the chosen university and take it to the Ministry of Education of Moldova.

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How much should I budget for tuition fees?

Moldova is one of the most affordable countries in the world to get your degree. Tuition fees for international students go from 1,000 to 5,000 USD per year.

Prices will vary depending on the major, type of studies, and the university, but they usually stay below 2,500 USD.

Is living in Moldova also affordable?

As it happens with tuition fees, living costs in Moldova are low. Depending on the size and location of housing, monthly rent can cost between 186 USD and 434 USD. You’ll find great places for 200 USD.

When it comes to basic utilities such as electricity, water, heating, cooling, and garbage, prices can go up to 123 USD per month. This is usually lower during the summer.

Regarding groceries, you should budget 150 USD approx. Public transportation would cost 10 USD per month.

Take into consideration that their official currency is the Moldovan Leu (MDL), and 100 MDL is about 9 USD. However, it is usual to see prices expressed in euros.

Cheapest Universities in Moldova

1. Moldova State University

Moldova State University was founded on October 1st, 1946 as, originally, the State University of Chisinau. It is a public institution in the heart of the capital of Moldova.

This university is divided into 13 faculties that specialize in areas like foreign languages and literature, history and philosophy, and journalism and communication sciences.

Programs at this university are taught in Romanian and Russian. They offer a preparatory year for international students so they can learn the language.

This cheap university in Moldova also offers student residences. Accommodation costs 35 USD per month.

The admissions process changes depending on the field of study. International applicants, in any case, must send their application files to the Department of International Relations.

Some of the documents that must be attached to the application files are a copy of a passport, a certificate of Secondary education, a criminal records certificate, and a medical certificate.

Tuition fees for international students go from 1,225 USD to 1,670 USD depending on the level of studies.

2. Technical University of Moldova (TUM)

Technical University of Moldova (TUM) was established in 1964 under the name of Polytechnic Institute. It is a public institution that teaches in the Romanian or Moldovan language. That’s why it offers training courses in Romanian for international students.

TUM has 64 specializations taught in nine faculties that include urbanism and architecture, food technology, textiles and polygraphy, economic engineering and business, electronics and telecommunication, mechanical engineering and transport, and informatics and microelectronics.

There are three cycles of studies: cycle I of License degree studies (bachelor degrees), cycle II of Master’s degree studies, and cycle III, which are doctorate degree programs.

To learn how to apply, visit their admissions section. They also provide information and assistance for immigration and legal procedures.

Tuition fees for international students go from 18,000 MDL (1,050 USD approx.) to 35,000 MDL (2,025 USD approx.). These prices include the three cycles of studies.

3. Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova was established in 1997. It was originally part of the State University of Moldova as the Faculty of Economics, founded in 1953.

It is a public university divided into six faculties that include accounting, business and management, international economic relations, and finance, economics and law, economics cybernetics, statistics and informatics, and accounting.

This university also has student residences. The rent per month is 35 USD.

For applying to this cheap university in Moldova, it is necessary to have a language certificate in Romanian of either level B2, C1 or C2. However, some programs offer courses in Russian, French, and English.

Besides the documents, most universities in Moldova require, here you’ll have to pay an application fee of 100 USD. Explore their website and contact them to get more details about admissions and tuition fees.

4. Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy is a public university located in the city of Chisinau. It was founded in 1945 and named after Nicolae Testemitanu, a famous scientist, politician, hygienist, and surgeon of Moldova.

This institution is divided into five faculties: Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine No. 1, Medicine No. 2, and Residency.

There are three types of study programs which are university studies (six years long), postgraduate studies, and higher Ph.D. studies.

The admission procedure of this university is very selective. It has a policy based on previous academic grades and the record of the applicant. Students under the age of 18 must present parental permission for participating in the admission process.

Tuition fees vary depending on the type of study. International students must pay between 2,500 USD and 5,000 USD per year for undergraduate studies. They also offer a preparatory course that costs 2,000 USD approx.

5. Agricultural State University of Moldova (SAUM)

The Agricultural State University of Moldova (SAUM), also known as the State Agrarian University of Moldova, is a public higher education institution. It was founded in 1991 as a university but its origins date from 1933. It was the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Iasi when it was initiated.

It is divided into six faculties including agricultural engineering and auto transportation, horticulture, cadastre and law, economics, agronomy, and veterinary medicine.

Programs at this cheap university in Moldova are taught in Romanian and Russian. The undergraduate program of business and administration is the only one available in English. SAUM offers a preparatory year for international students that don’t know the language. It also includes courses in the areas of the program you’ve chosen, like biology or math.

Tuition fees vary depending on the year of study and specialty. These go from 1,115 USD to 2,700 USD. Visit their foreign students’ page to learn more.

6. Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM)

The University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM) is a public university located in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. It was established in 1961 by the former government of the USSR.

It is the only higher education institution of importance in the country on science and innovation affairs. ASM is the consultant on scientific matters for Moldovan public authorities.

ASM has three departments which are Life Sciences, Exact and Engineering Sciences, and Social, Economic, Humanistic, and Arts Sciences. Besides these, more than 50 educational and research institutes belong to ASM.

This university offers undergraduate (pre-Bachelor and Bachelor), graduate, postgraduate, and advanced training type of study programs.

Admission to ASM may vary depending on the area of study and the level of degree. International applicants are welcome to participate.

To find out more about applications and tuition fees at ASM, contact them.

7. Trade Co-operative University of Moldova (TCUM)

The Trade Co-operative University of Moldova (TCUM) is a private university established in 1993. It is accredited as an organization of innovation and science by the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation of Moldova.

This higher education institution is subordinated to Moldovan Consumer Associations. It is a self-financing organism.

It is divided into three faculties: Management and Law, Marketing and Sciences of Commodities, and Accounting and Economic Informatics.

TCUM offers a three-cycle type of study. There are 15 bachelor programs, 16 master programs, and six doctoral study programs. Doctoral studies are focused on research areas.

Applicants to this cheap university in Moldova must send an application form before the set deadline and submit all of the documents required to be admitted. To learn more about admission procedures and tuition fees, visit their official website and contact them.

8. University of European Studies of Moldova (USEM)

The University of European Studies of Moldova (USEM) is a private higher education institution located in Chisinau. It was founded in 1992 as the Law Academy of Moldova, which was its former name.

There are three languages of instruction in the institution. Lessons can be taught in Romanian, Russian or English language.

This university has six faculties including Modern Languages, Law, and Psychology and Social Work.

USEM offers cycle I (License) and cycle II (Master) types of studies in all of its programs. There is also cycle III (Doctorate) type of studies but these are only available for the programs of the Faculty of Law.

Details about admissions and tuition fees for international students aren’t available on their website, but if you’d like to find out more, contact them via email or through their phone numbers.

9. University Perspectiva-Int

The University Perspectiva-Int is a private university located in Chisinau. It was established in 1995 with the former name of International Relations Institute “Perspectiva”.

This university offers a scientific and practical scheme of studies. It offers courses in both Romanian and Russian languages.

There are two types of study programs at this cheap university in Moldova, which are Bachelor’s and Master’s studies. Diplomas at the University Perspectiva-Int are granted under the accreditation of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova.

Both cycles of studies specialize in different fields. For cycle I, there are seven majors that include Tourism, and Finance, and Banks. For cycle II of studies, there are six majors to choose including Small and Medium Business, and Human Resource Management.

For applying to this university applicants must fill and send an online application form. For the first cycle of studies, some documents required include a school certificate, a health certificate, an identity card or passport, and a military card if applicable.

Tuition fees are about 500 USD per year in both cycle I and cycle II of studies. There are also preparatory courses of a year that cost 5,000 MDL (around 290 USD). Contact them to get more details about applications and fees.


I hope that this article on cheap universities in Moldova was helpful. If you are interested in studying in Europe, make sure to check out Available Programs in Europe for International Students.