Nova Scotia is a fantastic location, combining natural beauty, exciting creative opportunities, and academic excellence. The tuition fees are some of the lowest in the English-speaking world. The quality of education that one can receive here is extremely high, especially for such low costs.

It has become a very popular place to study for a degree, attracting people from all over the world. In this article, we will be looking at the cheap universities in Nova Scotia for both domestic and international students.

Cheapest Universities in Nova Scotia

1. Acadia University, Wolfville

  • Canadian – $8,933
  • International – $17,884

Acadia University is one of the oldest liberal arts universities in Canada. The campus is nestled in a beautiful natural environment and is ranked as the number one undergraduate university in Nova Scotia. Although the institute is a small establishment, it has over fifteen research centres.

There is a vast difference between the tuition fees for Canadians and international students. This cheap university in Nova Scotia is predominantly an undergraduate university and only 11% of its first-year students are from other countries.


2. Cape Breton University, Sydney

  • Canadian – $8,040
  • International – $16,080

CBU provides transition-to-work for all degree programs with work placements and internships. As well as this it also takes great pride in its Culture and Heritage Centre. This centre includes the Great Hall, the Art Gallery, the Folklore department and the Beacon Institute. The Beacon Institute is the second largest public archive in Nova Scotia.

Cape Breton University boasts some of the cheapest tuition fees in Nova Scotia. It also houses over 1,000 international students from more than fifty countries. This university is definitely one to be considered by prospective international students.


3. Dalhousie University, Halifax

  • Canadian – $10,010
  • International – $20,300

Dalhousie is a large university based in Halifax which is supposedly one of the friendliest cities in the world. The university prides itself on its international ties and strengthening bonds with countries around the world. 22% of its students represent 115 countries, so this is another excellent university to be considered by international students.

It is important to consider that this cheap university in Nova Scotia is a member of the U15, which identifies it as one of the leading research universities. This, of course, attracts many awards and research grants. Considering the status of this university, the tuition fees are extremely reasonable.


4. Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax

  • Canadian – $5,410
  • International – $6,200

MSVU offers many undergraduate programs in Arts, Sciences and Education. It can also provide 13 graduate degrees. This university has the luxury of small and personal class sizes. It has a homely feel to it whilst still being only minutes from Halifax.

Amazingly, the international tuition fees are the same as for Canadian citizens apart from a $793 addition. It is unusual to see such a small difference in fees. In fact, all of the tuition fees charged here are incredibly low compared to other universities.


5. St Mary’s University, Halifax

  • Canadian – $13,500 (Approx.)
  • International – $18,500 (Approx.)

If you are interested in a cheap university in Nova Scotia, St. Mary’s University, Halifax should be on top! Situated only minutes from the ocean, St Mary’s University is a proud leader in intercultural education with 29% of its students hailing from 118 countries. It also offers exchanges and learning programs in China and Gambia. This is also the only Canadian university to offer a BA in Entrepreneurship.

Although the international tuition fees seem fairly high, this university is recognised as having one of the most internationalised populations in Canada. They also make sure that all of their degree programs are recognised internationally, so that students can use their education for worldwide employment.


6. St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish

  • Canadian – $8,830
  • International – $8,830

STFX is a high quality establishment that focuses on the intellectual and spiritual development of its students. Here, community involvement is expected in order to gain insight into the region and working environments. The university has a great reputation with employers for providing well-experienced students.

International tuition fees are the same as the fees for Canadians however, as is usually the case, there are other costs that are only applicable to students coming from another country. Nevertheless, the matching of tuition fees is enticing and attracts many international students.


7. NSCAD University, Halifax

  • Canadian – $8,940
  • International – $19,740

This university has a long history of progressive art-making students. The local community is filled with vibrant and internationally renowned artists and designers. If looking to explore your creative side in a famous and academic establishment, this is a top contender when making a university choice. It is split across three campuses which provide seemingly endless amounts of space, even boasting a studio that is open 24/7.

The tuition fees are much higher for international students than other universities in Nova Scotia. This is a very focused institute and should really only be considered if looking for a serious career in art and design. The cost may be high but students are allowed to flourish creatively and are given immense help to begin a strong career in this area.


Universities in Nova Scotia can offer a wide variety of degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate. Its low costs make it an affordable location for both Canadians and international students alike. It has the highest concentration of universities, per capita, in Canada.

Due to this and its popularity, it has a high ratio of student populations in Canada. This gives the areas a unique and vibrant feel for young people. Nova Scotia is a beautiful and captivating place and many students decide that they want to stay there permanently.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program is an immigration program which gives students a good opportunity to seek residency in the state.


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