If you are a person who’d like to study in one of the fastest-growing major cities, then Seattle could be a great option for you. Often referred to as the emerald city and the city of goodwill, Seattle was ranked the most literate city among the 69 major cities of the US. It has the highest percentage of college and university graduates in the country.

Some of the renowned universities are the University of Washington, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle Colleges District System, Antioch University, and Cornish College of Arts. Although Seattle is one of the most expensive cities to live in the states, it houses numerous universities, built prior to the era of world wars, functioning not for business, but for the welfare of the people.

Note: All figures mentioned in bullets are yearly.

Cheap Seattle Universities

1. City University Seattle

City University Seattle is a private not-for-profit academic institution providing on-campus and offline courses for distance learning. It has campuses around the globe in Canada, China, Vietnam, Switzerland, Mexico, and Slovakia. The university was founded in 1973 with the motive to provide higher education to working professionals. Today, this cheap university in Seattle has over 6000 students across its 6 schools; School of Management, Albright School of Education, School of Arts and Sciences, School of Applied Leadership, The Technology Institute, and Washington Academy of Languages. It has also collaborated with Bates Technical College, Bellingham Technical College, and Lower Columbia College in order to provide courses in these fields.

The per-credit cost of the university is different for state residents and out-of-state and international students. The average cost of a credit at bachelor’s level is $425 for a Washington resident and $535 for an out-of-state or international student. At the master’s level, the figures switch to $708 per credit and $845 respectively.

  • In-state student
    • Bachelor’s- $19125
    • Master’s- $15930
  • Out-of-state-student
    • Bachelor’s- $24075
    • Master’s- $38025
  • International student
    • Bachelor’s- $24075
    • Master’s- $38025

The above-mentioned fee only covers the tuition fees.

2. University of Washington

One of the oldest universities on this list, the University of Washington is one of the leading scientific performance and research outlay universities in the world. Every year, over 46000 students enroll for its courses spread across 140 departments. The institution has tie-ups with giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Nintendo, and Boeing. So far, it has produced 20 Nobel Laureates, various Pulitzer Prize winners, and Olympians. Its 703-acre campus is also one of the largest campuses for a higher studies institution.

  • In-state students:
    • Bachelor’s- 11207
    • Master’s- 19293
  • Out-of-state students:
    • Bachelor’s- $16590
    • Master’s- $28881
  • International students:
    • Bachelor’s- $16590
    • Master’s- $28881

3. Seattle Central College

A part of the Seattle Colleges District System, the Central College was established more than 50 years ago in 1965 but traces its history way back before the world war. At its current location on the Capitol Hill was once located the Broadway High School, which was then conceptualized and brought into a professional studies college. This cheap college in Seattle today offers 3 bachelor’s degrees, 29 associate degrees, and 16 professional certificate courses. Built on a 15-acre campus, it houses over 15000 students from all around the globe.

  • In-state student- $11010
  • Out-of-state students- $12477
  • International students- 12477

These fees include tuition, books, and room and boarding.

International students also need to pay $393 every quarter for medical insurance.

4. Antioch University, Seattle

Antioch University is a non-profit liberal arts university founded in 1852. It has four campuses around the country in Ohio, California, and New Hampshire. It started off as Antioch College in Yellow Springs and was led by the abolitionist leader, Horace Mann. The university today has 2 wide umbrellas under which its online and graduate courses fall.

The fees structure for Antioch is the most unique on this list. This cheap university in Seattle has a uniform fee for resident and non-residents. International students though have to fulfill the basic requirements to abide by the US laws to come and study here.

  • In-state student- $37255
  • Out-of-state students- $37255
  • International students- $37255

This fee includes a student’s tuition, books and supplies, other expenses,  and room and boarding.

5.      Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University is a privately owned Christian university established in the year 1891. It is a member of the Christian College Consortium. The university has over 4500 students studying across its 5 schools, College of arts and sciences, School of business, government, & economics, School of education, School of health sciences, and School of psychology, family, and community. Its 43-acre campus serves as a great place for students to develop in every dimension. It offers undergraduate courses in anthropology, art history, biology, theatre, music, business, economics, English, and sociology, etc.

The university has the same tuition fees for all its students. International students are obliged to pay for medical insurance while American residents don’t have to. The total tuition fee is the same but the total expenses may differ due to student housing and personal expenses.

  • In-state student- $43248
  • Out-of-state students- $43248
  • International students- $43248

Seattle serves as a great educational hub for all national and international students. Its proximity to the country’s capital and its rich history gives it a lively and vibrant image. The universities listed above are some of the best, yet the most reasonable in Seattle. This is mainly because they are non-profit institutions built with an aim to develop young minds of tomorrow. The figures mentioned above are subject to changes as and when the university wishes to alter its fee.


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