While international students think that colleges and universities in the USA are expensive, there are many American universities that offer an excellent curriculum for cheap tuition even for international students. Most American universities charge international students three times the tuition of domestic students. Because of this reason, international students look at those prices and just give up on studying in the USA. But that should not be the case! Why? Because it can be affordable to study in the US. With a combination of scholarships and affordable tuition, you can attend universities in the US for under $10,000 a year!

Here is the list of all the cheapest universities in the USA for international students. I have made sure that the tuition fees apply to international students and not domestic students. In the website links that I’ve provided, you will find a phrase that will state that the tuition fees listed are for international students. If you want to double-check, I highly recommend it!

Tuition Links and Descriptions of Colleges and Universities

Santa Monica College

  • This college is a two-year institution located in Santa Monica, California. There are over 28,000 students studying in various fields such as business, English, nursing, economics, chemistry, and much more. The great thing about Santa Monica College is that students can transfer to prestigious UC’s such as UC Berkeley and UCLA. This perk draws many international students to study at Santa Monica College so that they can study at these wonderful institutions later on.
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De Anza College

  • De Anza College is another two-year institution that is established in Silicon Valley. As with Santa Monica College, this college has transfer agreements with many of the UC’s so many students want to study at this affordable college before transferring to a more expensive university. Although it offers education at a cheap tuition rate, De Anza College is phenomenal because it is recognized by these world-class institutions.
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Miami Dade College

  • This college is located in Miami, Florida, and offers courses in multiple disciplines. International students can study at this cheap college in the USA and later transfer to excellent universities such as the University of Florida if they wish to continue their education. Miami Dade College has agreements with state universities in Florida, so students from this college will have an easy transition to those excellent universities. They can save considerable amounts of money by doing so.
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Bob Jones University

  • Bob Jones University is a Christian university located in Greenville, South Carolina. It was founded in 1927 to teach its students in a Christian curriculum. Although it is regionally accredited like many of the state universities and private universities, Bob Jones University offers phenomenal education with an affordable tuition rate. Students can receive further scholarships to reduce the tuition further.
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Brigham Young University

  • Brigham Young University is a Latter-Day Saint (Morman) University that is located in Provo, Utah. The student body is approximately 98.5% Morman, and the rest, 1.5% is non-Morman. Many non-Morman students are attracted to its cheap tuition and great education. For example, the university has a great undergraduate business school, which is in the top 10 in many of the ranking systems.
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Northwest Missouri State University

  • Founded in 1905, Northwest Missouri State University has around 6,000 students from all over the world. It has produced great alumni such as governors, legislators, sports figures, etc. International students can explore over 120 academic programs at this cheap university in the USA by paying affordable tuition.
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University of Minnesota- Crookston

  • This university is one of the five universities located in Minnesota. Recently, the University of Minnesota- Crookston reduced the tuition fees for both out-of-state students and international students to the tuition fee of in-state tuition. This is great news for international students because they can pay less now!
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University of Central Arkansas

  • Since 1907, the University of Central Arkansas has educated many students and helped them to succeed. Students can choose from a variety of academic programs and learn what interests them most. You can join over 500 international students already studying at this wonderful university!
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How to Apply to these Cheap Universities in the USA?

Now, students may ask, how to apply to these universities. First, you will need to fill out a common application. Some of the universities will require you to take the SAT or ACT, while some, such as the community colleges, won’t require you to. So make sure to check the individual university website for eligibility criteria. The same goes for TOEFL and IELTS. Some will require it, and some won’t. The best way to check if they do is to take a look at their website. It will have detailed information on what is required to apply.

After taking a look at the required scores, prepare for it and fill out the common application. After filling it out and meeting all the requirements, submit the application. It sounds simple, but it does require a lot of time to prepare, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time.


Hopefully, this was a helpful article on the USA’s affordable universities. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.