Chemical Engineering is challenging, to say the least. Not only does it involve physics and mathematics, but it also requires a thorough study of ethics and environmental issues. This is because chemicals, as we all know, can be dangerous and harmful to not only biological beings but to the earth as a whole. That is why chemical engineers need to be knowledgeable about these kinds of issues as to provide their services while making sure that it won’t hinder or put further harm to nature.

Aside from that, it offers a unique responsibility to students, over which the society expects a more and more productive change in the line of Chemical Engineering. It is the product of technology and it is expected to give back, that’s why chemical engineers are faced with challenges that are detrimental for the future of humanity itself.

Today we discuss some of the best chemical engineering schools in the world. Read more below!

Best Chemical Engineering Schools in the World

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

MIT is among the world’s most excellent chemical engineering institutions. It proudly presents its graduates as CEOs of leading global businesses namely Intel, Dow Chemical, and Union Carbide. This proves that MIT not only raises engineers of science but entrepreneurs that can lead on a national and global scale. Because of this, applicants from all over the world apply to MIT, in hopes of securing a spot in the widely-acclaimed school and achieving great things because of it.

However, a 7% admission rate can be nerve-wracking to most aspirants. With the leading reputation also comes a leading expectation of its students. That is why they only take the best out of the best, with a high potential to become a leader of their respective fields.

2. Stanford University, United States

Stanford has been on the top, again and again. They have secured the top 10% when it comes to multiple courses, especially if it’s Science and Engineering. This university ensures that they produce the cream of the crop in Chemical Engineering, as the university addresses its importance to achieve a better world or in their terms a ‘healthier, cleaner and more efficient world’.

This university is dedicated to solving modern problems through a combination of several academic disciplines when it comes to Chemical Engineering. Students in this top chemical engineering school are expected to contribute to humanity in such a way wherein medicine or chemical transformations are progressively achieved. Students from this school experience enlightenment in a challenging environment, one of the reasons for their top-quality students and environment.

3. National University of Singapore, Singapore

National University of Singapore’s chemical engineering department is one of the top 10 in the world. It is much more focused on producing or operating chemicals in the most environmental-friendly way possible. Moreover, in their research section, they have dedicated a page for environmental sustainability, specifically when it comes to Chemical Engineering.

Interestingly enough, this university has a ‘Build Your Own Degree’ wherein you can freely choose your electives, this ensures that students can take their route and advance their specialization without any strict program flow from the institution. Overall, flexibility and unrestricted academic development can be vital for the students and thus a great choice for independent applicants of the world.

4. University of California Berkeley, United States

Not only is UC Berkeley among the best schools for chemical engineering, it also has one of the best scholarship programs on this list. It is one of the reasons why they’ve been ranked to be one of the best places to learn. The opportunity of having a scholarship can be life-changing for some people, UC Berkeley recognizes it and thus launches programs that help financially challenged students to learn and grow.

However, the acceptance rate of 16% can be quite a burden for some people. Though it makes sense that an institution that provides quality financial assistance only takes the best of the best. This proves to be effective as 29 of their alumni have been awarded Nobel Prizes, 12 of those belong to the chemistry department in which the most recent one awarded was to Francis H. Arnold.

5. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The broadness of its curriculum is seen as an advantage of most students in Cambridge. Some of the post-graduates even prod out of the field and into industries such as the food industry or in finance and management consultancy. This proves the flexibility of the university in which people can take their unique paths even after being locked in a specific field of study.

To add more to the student’s freedom and individuality, Cambridge hosts around 500 clubs and societies in which students can freely express each of their creativity and talents, flourishing not only as a Chemical Engineer but also as a multi-talented person with varied interests.

6. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Nanyang Technological University makes use of modern and recent discoveries to solve the problems of today. Perhaps this is why NTU is a top institution for chemical engineering. And since the issues that they’re trying to resolve are very much relevant, they vow to share their information and successes with the public as soon as possible, as dictated by their research objectives.

Furthermore, most of their faculty members and students are locals, so students have a high chance of encountering information about the culture of Singapore as a whole. Some of their faculty members are nationally recognized, even the whole school is accredited by the nation as one of the best chemical engineer schools in the nation, guaranteeing the high quality of their curriculum.

7. ETH Zurich, Switzerland

ETH is a school that deals with recent challenges, such as the COVID-19, as well as environmental issues that the Earth is currently facing. Moreover, they offer chemistry workshops for children, which tells us about their sentiments of early learning as well as the importance of the future generation in building the world of tomorrow.

There’s still a pretty high amount of competition in this school, with around a 27% acceptance rate, it only accepts students with great academic standings and potential. It’s only fair considering how it has climbed up the ranks and has achieved the title of the second-best university in Europe, it tells you how far they’ve come and how much their perspective has changed when it comes to education. With that reputation, it’s a guarantee that ETH Zurich undeniably offers an excellent curriculum, making it one of the best chemical engineering schools.


I hope this guide on the world’s best chemical engineering schools was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.