Chonnam National University is a public university located in Gwangju, Korea. Gwangju is one of the biggest cities in Korea and is located in South Jeolla Province. It was founded in 1952 by the merger of four different universities which became one of the public national universities. Although the university itself is 60 years old, if the merging universities are considered, it has a history of more than 100 years. Currently, it has become one of the well-known universities in Korea.

This university has been influential in the history of Korea. It was founded in the middle of the Korean War which lasted from 1950-1953. The graduates from Chonnam National University have done great things to heal the wounds of Korea from the War. Also, it was instrumental in the Gwangju uprising against the militaristic rule in Korea in 1980. Many students and professors have sacrificed to fight for democracy in Korea.

There are over 28,000 undergraduate and 6,000 graduate students who are taught by 1,200 professors at Chonnam National University. These students and faculties are located in 19 undergraduate colleges and 11 graduate schools. Also, these colleges and graduate programs are located on two different campuses.

The motto of this university is “truth, creativity, and service.” Chonnam National University has stayed true to its motto, encouraging students to pursue truth, be creative, and provide service to the community. It also aims to provide service to the community by aiming to educate students from the region.

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Chonnam National University Rankings

This university is one of the best national universities in Korea. It is ranked very high in the national rankings which include 10th in Korea by CWUR and 13th in Korea by USNews. Also, it is ranked 114th in Asia by Top Universities and 171th-180th in Asia by Times Higher Education. This ranking among thousands of universities in Korea and in Asia is very high.


The tuition fee for international students at Chonnam National University is affordable compared to other universities because it is a public university. For undergraduate and graduate students, the tuition fee is approximately $8,000 per year. Of course, the tuition fee differs according to your major., but on average it is $8,000 per year.


The admission process for international students is pretty straightforward at Chonnam National University. If you want to access the admission guides, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions. These admission guides have all the information that you will need in applying to this university including application forms and required materials.

Chonnam National University Scholarships

This university offers many scholarships to international students. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for full-tuition scholarships for two years. For undergraduate students, this scholarship may be extended. For more scholarship information, visit Chonnam National University Scholarships Page.


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