Chung-Ang University is a private institution in Korea that was established in 1918. Today this university has over 30,000 students, 10 graduate, and 16 undergraduate schools. The Chung-Ang University is one of the most prestigious ones in the country, remaining by its high standards of education even through the most turbulent years.

The university has two campuses, one in Seoul and the other one in Anseong, Korea. There the students have the ability to pursue higher education and acquire Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degrees in law school, medical school, and global MBA programs. The Chung-Ang University is dedicated to Korean and international students equally, by providing them with the best possible education and opportunities.

The proximity of the campus to Seoul, the city of wonderful people and sights can come as quite beneficial for international students who are trying to accommodate to the new environment. In this article, we will be looking at the Chung-Ang University scholarships for international students.

International Students at Chung-Ang University

International students make up to 10% of the student body, as there are almost 3,000 foreign students enrolled. Chung-Ang University is working hard on increasing this number and providing international students with extracurricular activities such as classes in the Korean language.

In the Korean Langauge Program, students are being prepared for the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) as this is one of the mandatory conditions to be able to study or work in Korea. This is also one of the requirements for scholarships and grants. Classes are provided in 4 terms per year, every day for 4 hours per day.

This is especially important for students who wish to enroll in medical studies, as they are required to communicate with patients and have a bigger responsibility when it comes to language proficiency. This is one of the reasons why rules are slightly stricter for medical students and their scores on TOPIK.

Tuition Fee at Chung-Ang University for International Students

The tuition fee at Chung-Ang University is a bit higher for international students than for national ones. For undergraduate studies, you have to pay about $11,300 annually, and about the same sum for graduate programs.

While this university is certainly not the most affordable one, take into count that it is a private institution and those are usually more expensive. On the other hand, this research university offers education based on many years of experience and they are known as one of the best in the country.

International Admissions Guide at Chung-Ang University

The admission guide for undergraduate students is available here, and for graduate studies, you can check the link here. Chung-Ang University is putting a lot of effort into the possibilities for the enrollment of international students. Considering that this university is located in Korea and that the official language is not English, the admission procedure is quite simple. Almost everything can be done online, which can be a big benefit for international students.

Students are advised to learn the Korean language and additional classes are offered. Since TOPIK level 4 is the minimum for enrollment, it would be wise to start the language course before even considering application here.

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Application Fee at Chung-Ang University

The application fee for international students at Chung-Ang University is around $70, and this part of the payment is not refundable. Unlike other expenses that can be returned in some cases, this fee stays in the university account even if the student changes his or her mind.

Admissions Requirements at Chung-Ang University for International Students

To be able to apply to the Chung-Ang University international students have to be:

  • Non-Korean citizens with non-Korean parents;
  • For undergraduate school, they have to prove the previous education that equals finished high school in Korea

As in most Korean universities, in this school also language is considered a mandatory condition to be able to apply and graduate. This is why the university requests the TOPIK level 4 for admission and graduation. As for the English language, there are some requirements too like a minimum of TOEFL 530(CBT 197, iBT 71) or IELTS 5.5 or TOEIC 850 or TEPS 600. If the student uses English as a mother tongue, this doesn’t apply to them.

The Chung-Ang University Rankings

The Chung-Ang University is considered to be one of the best private institutions where you can get a degree in Korea. They are always ranked at the top of the lists, for example:

  • 949th place by Best Global Universities
  • 21st place in South Korea
  • 231st place in Asia

The Chung-Ang University Acceptance Rate

The estimated acceptance rate at Chung-Ang University is about 5, 4%, and this further shows how pristine and high-quality education is at this university. Many students would love to get educated here, but only truly dedicated ones are selected, so be warned that competition is fierce.

The Chung-Ang University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. International Student Scholarship

This Chung-Ang University scholarship is available for international students after the 2nd semester. The amount of tuition fees waivered depends on the performance of the said student. For GPA above 4, 0 the tuition costs are fully covered, GPA above 3, 7 is granted with 50% off the tuition fees, and GPA above 3, 5 is granted 35% off.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Graduate School Scholarship

This Chung-Ang University scholarship for international students who are enrolling to graduate schools depends on their Korean language and English language proficiency, as well as their academic achievements in previous semesters. So for example:

  • Admitted international students who achieved Level 6 proficiency on the TOPIK or who score above a 91 on ibt TOEFL exam or who score above a 780 on the TOEIC test or above overall 6.5 on the IELTS test have the full tuition costs waivered.
  • For level 5 on TOPIK, the tuition is waivered by 70%
  • From the 2nd semester and on, GPA also counts and tuition fees depend on the academic performance of the student.

2. CAYSS(Chung-Ang University Young Scientist Scholarship)

This is probably one of the best Chung-Ang University scholarships for international students. This one is offered to exceptional students and those who are majoring in Engineering, Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Medicine that are recommended from one of the international partner universities.

The tuition is not only 100% covered, but the students also don’t pay any fees. On top of it all, they also get a stipend of $450 per month. They are obligated to maintain a high GPA above 3, 5, and to be a part of research projects in the university.

3. Higher Education for ASEAN Talents Scholarship (HEAT Scholarship)

Applications for the HEAT Scholarship are open to ASEAN citizens who are faculty members of the academic community in their home country. The scholarship is awarded over a three-year period and awardees must complete a doctoral degree in an eligible Korean university.

This scholarship is presented by the Korean Council for University Education (KCUE) in partnership with the ASEAN Korea Cooperation Fund (AKCF) in the hopes of enhancing exchanges between Korean and ASEAN universities, as well as refining the scholar’s expertise.

There are a few more scholarships at Chung-Ang University available that might be interesting for international students. Here is the link to the official university site where you can find out more.

To recap, the Chung-Ang University located in one of the most beautiful cities of South Korea, Seoul, offers amazing education and transfer of knowledge. They are considered to be one of the best research universities that have a long tradition of producing well-educated and capable graduates. This is one of the reasons this university has so many international partnerships and why it is known worldwide.


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