Chungbuk National University is found in the central west region of Cheongju city. This city is in North Chungcheong Province and acts as its provincial capital. The university comprises 9 graduate schools, 15 colleges, and 83 departments. It also houses 36 research institutes that are the center for research activities in the university. Other iconic installations include the University Community Center, University Museum, and University Library, among others.

Chungbuk National University was established in 1951 and has grown over the years to graduate more than 150,000 students. It places people at the center of its activities with incredible recognition for the faculty, students, alumni, employees, parents of students, and the surrounding community. These people appreciate the fact that the campus is located in the middle of the city. This makes the campus accessible, being a short distance away from the Osong Cheongju Station and Cheongju international airport.

Established when the Korean War was still on, this university aims at becoming a beacon of hope by offering high-quality higher education to locals and international students. It has grown over the years to be among the leading universities in Korea and the world at large. This is in line with its vision of being among the top 10 universities in Korea and 100 around the world.

In an effort to be attractive to the global student fraternity, the university launched ‘Project CBNU 2010’ where it aims to become top among the most globalized and comparative universities. This was to be achieved through the invitation of the most innovative students and professors from around the world. It also sorts to establish the most effective learning environment where industry-academic cooperation is given priority.

In recognition of the central role of creativity in the learning environment, the university seeks to expand the traditional definition of a university by demanding innovations that add value to the present-day creative economy. Chungbuk National University also seeks to create networks that will foster creativity through cooperation with the local community, local government, national government, students, faculty, and the community of alumni. The university also fosters creativity through policies, administrative actions, and research centers that are friendly to the creative economy. Through collaboration with local industries, the institution is sure that it will promote regional growth and enhance the creative economy.

The provision of international languages at the school is aimed at helping students to have an international footprint and also enables the community to have the best global communication ability worldwide. The institution also provides the Korean language institution to international students to enable them to experience the Korean culture in a unique way. The Office of International Service facilitates study abroad and job search opportunities for its students. The programs are regulated by internal and international bodies.

The holistic and collaborative approach to learning ensures that graduating students are equipped with skills to enable them to tackle the demands of an increasingly innovative and creative work environment. Chungbuk National University is open to international students and provides the most practical global learning environment anyone can envision. This is arguably one of the best learning environments anyone can desire

Chungbuk National University is ranked relatively high among many ranking systems. First, CWUR has ranked it to be 27th in Korea and 829 in the world. Also, Top Universities has ranked it to be 218th in Asia. These rankings among thousands of universities show that Chungbuk National University is still an excellent university although it is not the top.

Chungbuk National University Admissions

This university wants many international students on its campuses. In order to achieve that goal, they have provided international students with clear admission guides. These guides clearly explain the application procedure and include important information such as the admission timeline, required documents, and eligibility. For more information, visit the Admission Page.

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Since Chungbuk National University is a public university, the tuition is lower than most Korean universities. As an undergraduate student, you can study at this excellent university for $4,500 a year, and as a graduate student, you can study here for $5,000 a year. This is very cheap tuition among universities in the world and also provides you with an excellent education. Also, if you can’t afford the fees, you can receive generous scholarships from Chungbuk National University.

Chungbuk National University Scholarships

Many Korean universities offer scholarships for international students when they are first entering and for continuing semesters based on their GPA. I am sure that Chungbuk National University offers scholarships to international students, but they don’t state it in their guide. So, if you want to get scholarship information, you need to email their admissions office.

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