Connecticut College, famously known as Conn, is a 4-year institution founded in 1911. It is a liberal arts college whose motive was to fill the void left as a result of Wesleyan University’s unwillingness to admit female students. As such, its first name was “Connecticut College for Women.”  It received its initial funding from the residents of Connecticut and other wealthy volunteers. In 1969 it opened its doors to men and the name changed to “Connecticut College.” The institution’s facilities sit on a 750-acre land in New London, Connecticut. Are you planning to build your career at Conn? Continue reading to find out more about Connecticut College and its acceptance rate.

Connecticut College is one of the smallest higher education institutions not only in the region but also in the whole nation. It has a total population of just under 1,900 students enrolled in various popular courses. Over 85% of students come from other U.S. states and over 100 countries. Due to its size, it has moderate ethnic diversity despite admitting students from other countries. Since it began as a women’s college, it is no surprise that female students are almost double the number of male undergrads. Connecticut College does not accept distance learning and offers a Masters as its highest degree. The ratio of students to teachers is 9:1 with 72% of the teachers being fulltime lecturers. With an 81% graduation rate, there are many reasons to believe that you won’t be delayed while your peers start earning.

It has been accredited by various relevant organizations both locally and nationally. It is a regionally accredited college, which is a good thing because of its flexibility. It gives you the ability to transfer credits across institutions. There are 48 undergrad degree programs available in 16 different fields (37 majors). Area Studies is Connecticut College’s best-ranked program based on recent statistics. US News & World Report ranks the institution as the 46th best college in the United States. Forbes, on the other hand, puts it in the 51st position nationwide. You will have to be an excellent student to join this college because of the low acceptance rate at Connecticut College.

More than 97% of the students at Connecticut College live on campus for four years. This proves that there are more than enough residential rooms for incoming students. Conn provides various talent-nurturing avenues including arts and sports. In fact, there are over 80 organizations and clubs run by students and everyone is free to join. Nearly half the school is active in one sport or the other and varsity athletes make 30% of the population. Therefore, after stressful classwork or research, you have many ways of refreshing your mind.

Acceptance Rate at Connecticut College

The acceptance rate of Connecticut College is currently just below 37% according to the latest admission figures. From a group of 5,800 applicants, only 2,000 of them were enrolled.

Submission of test scores while applying to join Connecticut is optional. However, you could submit your ACT or SAT scores to strengthen your chances of being the next freshman. Also, a test on your strongest subject is highly recommended. Other requirements you might want to add are recommendation letters from your high school teacher or counselor.


I hope that this article on the Connecticut College’s acceptance rate was helpful. Check out the Available Programs for International Students to learn more about studying abroad.