Fashion is an interesting subject and as an industry, it only continues to grow with driven professionals establishing their designs and presence in the international scene through social media and networking. Even amid a pandemic, the passion for fashion pushes through as fashion schools and universities adopt blended modes of delivery or further secure their study abroad programs.

Do you have the motivation to specialize in fashion and the creative arts? Fret no more! Below is a list we compiled of the best countries to study fashion.

Best Countries to Study Fashion Abroad

1. United States

  • Reasons: a broad range of degree programs, culturally diverse

The United States leads in delivering top-notch education for students who want to specialize in the fashion industry. The US is home to some of the world’s top universities and schools in fashion design, two of which are situated in New York City, the country’s fashion capital.

In New York City, aspiring fashion design students can find not only inspiration but also the Fashion Industry of Technology (FIT). FIT is an internationally acclaimed institute for fashion, design, and business. It is also the proud alma mater of Calvin Klein, and Pantone Inc.’s Executive vice president, Lisa Herbert. A public state university of NYC, FIT houses a fashion museum archiving directional fashion collections from world-renowned designers. More than 10% of FIT’s student body are international students; a semester for international students costs around $10,000.

Parsons, the New School for Design is another institute widely regarded in the world of fashion and the arts. Parsons offers a variety of programs such as design and technology, architectural design, fashion design, and fine arts. Parsons boasts a diverse list of alumni, including Alexander Wang, Anna Sui, and Tom Ford. International students are very much welcome; Parsons takes pride in the 116 different countries comprising their student body. Tuition fees for undergraduate programs can cost around $27,000 per semester.

2. United Kingdom

  • Reasons: affordable cost of living, stylish surroundings

The United Kingdom is another excellent country to study fashion abroad. International students favor universities and colleges in the UK as tuition fees are considerably affordable. London is a fashion hot spot and after borrowing trends from French designers, began to cultivate their own direction in fashion and style.

The London College of Fashion (LCF) is part of the University of the Arts London (UAL). It’s among the top schools in producing successful graduates like designer Jimmy Choo. LCF offers pre-degree, undergraduate, post-graduate, and even short courses on different subjects like fashion design, cosmetic science, 3D design, and business communications; international students can enjoy LCF’s undergraduate offerings and enterprise partnerships through the college’s extensive study abroad program. In 2021, they are adopting a blended mode of on-campus activity and online schooling. Tuition for international students can go up to $28,000 yearly.

Another member of UAL, Central Saint Martins is also a strong contender for delivering creative practices that have a flair for world recognition. Central Saint Martins is located in King’s Cross, and true to their mission, they stay connected and enrich these connections through creative collaborations. Like the LCF, Central Saint Martins offers a wide range of subjects for pre-degree, undergraduate, and post-graduate degree programs. Some of their well-known undergraduate offerings include jewelry design, ceramic design, and product and industrial design. Central Saint Martins emphasizes creating sustainable art in their commitment to helping the Earth with the climate change emergency. Central Saint Martins welcomes international students through UAL’s study abroad programs, with a yearly tuition of around $28,000.

3. Italy

  • Reasons: minimalist architecture, home to influential designer brands

Italy is a haven for students with a passion for craftsmanship and an eye for luxury design. Known for the power and influence they had for the Renaissance era, Italy easily became a blueprint for many trends and styles. Milan is the country’s epicenter of fashion and the land of fashion schools with a cutting-edge delivery of knowledge on the creative arts and business.

Instituto Marangoni is a prestigious fashion school with its home base in Milan, and branch campuses located in nine different cities like Florence, London, Paris, and Shanghai. Cultural diversity is one of its selling points- students get to study Italian style while incorporating their roots into the cosmopolitan appeal of fashion. The institute specializes in fashion, design, and art with undergraduate, post-graduate, and short course offerings. International students are welcome in Instituto Marangoni and depending on the campus and course you select, tuition fees can range from $18,000 to $22,000. One of the leading fashion schools in Italy, Instituto Marangoni’s notable alumni and worldwide favorites in the fashion industry include Domenico Dolce of Dolce and Gabbana and Franco Moschino of the Moschino fashion house.

4. France

  • Reasons: high-end fashion, strong network in the fashion industry

Paris Fashion Week rings a bell in your head, doesn’t it? Jaw-dropping scenery and stylish buildings complete a fashion enthusiast’s experience in France, the international hot spot for haute couture.

Aspiring students of fashion design can study abroad in France’s first and oldest fashion design school, ESMOD. ESMOD, or l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode, was established in 1843 and offers courses in fashion design and fashion business for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. International students for both levels are entertained, and tuition fees cost around $12,000 (undergraduate) and $16,000 (graduate) yearly. Housing is offered, but living expenses in Paris can come around to $2,000 per month.

5. Japan

  • Reasons: stylish surroundings, eccentric architecture, and fashion

Japan is popular for its eclectic fashion subcultures like lolita and Harajuku. With strict dress codes and overall conservatism of Japanese norms, fashion in Japan vary greatly from the simplest to the overly accessorized, all of which are catching the international audience’s eye. These are some of the reasons why we consider Japan as one of the best countries to study fashion in.

Bunka Fashion College is Japan’s first fashion school and is regarded as the top fashion school in Asia. It is situated in the busy metro of Shibuya, Tokyo, serving as a landing site for information on fashion and fashion trends sweeping across the world. They have a wide selection of courses under fashion creation, fashion business, textiles, and technology. 20% of Bunka Fashion College’s student population comprises international students who are welcome to compete with and encourage local students. Tuition fees start at $12,000, and good proficiency in the Japanese language is a requirement.

6. India

  • Reasons: competitive, on the rise, inclusive of working professionals

Asia catches up to the international fashion scene and India is among the big names. Famous for its colorful textiles and extravagant apparel, India has been establishing itself as a competent player in the fashion industry.

Students with a love for vibrant fabrics and intricate handicrafts are more than welcome in the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). Scattered across the country with 17 campuses, NIFT is India’s leading institute for design technology. They offer undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral, and continuing education programs with courses varying from accessory design, textile design, and apparel production. Depending on the length of the program you want to take, tuition fees range from $8,000 to $17,000.

7. Belgium

  • Reasons: affordable education, avant-garde approach to fashion

Concluding our list of top countries to study fashion in, we have Belgium, an ambitious yet confident player in the international fashion industry. Antwerp City magnetizes fashion enthusiasts for their avant-garde approach. Antwerp is also home to the country’s prestigious art academy, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts offers an array of art programs, from visual to classical arts. Their fashion department has piqued the interest of the international scene with their limited openings of 100 admissions per year. Grounded heavily in research, students are expected to become well-rounded in applied and theoretical fashion design. International students can expect tuition to start around $1,000 yearly, exclusive of other fees. Proficiency in the Dutch language is a prerequisite for admissions.


I hope this article on the best countries to study fashion was informative and insightful. If you’re interested in studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students!