Dankook University was established in 1947, and since then grew into one of the best universities in South Korea. In the beginning, the university had only 960 students and two faculties – Faculty of Law and Faculty of Liberal Arts. Today, Dankook University has over 20,000 students and represents one of the most prestigious universities in the country and worldwide.

Over the years this university stood the test of time and persevered the turbulent history of the country, showing that education stands above it all. Today they are pursuing innovative ways of education, accepting new and modern teaching materials, and implementing that knowledge on traditional values.

Dankook University is also famous for its welcoming attitude to new and international students and provides them with various accommodations in order to make the experience pleasurable. In this article, we will be looking at Dankook University Scholarships for international students.

International Students at Dankook

There are over 1,200 international students enrolled at Dankook University, as they are open to international cooperation and more than welcoming to foreign students. There are many ways in which the university is enabling and helping international students via additional classes, scholarships, jobs, etc.

There is a Korean Language course to help students with the assimilation process and provide a more comfortable life in a new country. This way students are introduced to language and culture in 10 weeks per semester classes. There are also scholarships available that cover some of the tuition costs, depending mostly on the language skills.

There are also job opportunities for students such as Campus Internship and Global Mentor (Teaching Assistant) that are available for students on higher years and with good GPA scores.

Tuition Fee for International Students

Tuition fees for international students are about $14,000 for undergraduates and about $16,000 for graduate students annually. Dankook University is a private institution so tuition fees are not the most affordable ones in the country, but the education provided surely justifies the price.

Students here are also a part of major research facilities which offer a unique chance to discover and learn under the best conditions, as this is one of the top research universities in Korea.

International Admissions Guide

Dankook University offers undergraduate and graduate programs for international students. In the guides provided, you can find out everything you need to know about admission, tuition, and schedules. There are also various departments and majors to choose from, and all the important steps for your application process.

The application process is explained in detail, so international students should have no problems during the application. In any case, the university also offers direct support and contact centers just in case. The application process is simplified to support the idea of increasing the number of international students on the campuses.

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Application Fee at Dankook University

The application fee is $100 at Dankook University for international students.

Admissions Requirements for International Students

International students who wish to pursue an education at Dankook University have to be non-Korean citizens with parents that are also non-Korean. For the undergraduate program the student has to have 12 years of previous education and Level 3 in Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK).

For international students who are enrolling in graduate programs, the admission requirements are also to be non-Korean citizens with non-Korean parents. Education vise they have to provide evidence of finished education from elementary through high school level. Also, Level 3 TOPIC is required or OEFL PBT 550 CBT 220 IBT 80, IELTS 5.5 (or higher) to be able to apply.

Dankook University Rankings

Dankook University is considered to be one of the best research universities in the country, and that says a lot because there are thousands of universities there, so the competition is fierce. Dankook University is ranked 35th in Korea by the Center for World University Rankings and QS Asian Universities Ranking placed it in the 148th position in Asia.

Best Global Universities ranked Dankook University as 1470th in the world, according to multiple factors that determine a university’s excellence. This once again shows the quality of education that this university provides for national and international students.

Dankook University Acceptance Rate

Dankook University is offering high-quality education for international students, and it’s beneficial for both parties that the number of students increases over time. It is estimated that Dankook University’s acceptance rate is 70% for international students based on its reputation and international student program. International students bring diversity and new ways of thinking but also promote the university and rank it even higher over the years.

Dankook University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships:

1. Scholarship for Korean Track Program

Dankook University offers many scholarships for international students, and this is the one most applicable for students in the first semester. The tuition fees are covered anywhere from 15% to 55%. This depends on multiple factors like:

  • TOPIK level 6 and GPA over 3,7 in the previous semester gets 55% waiver on tuition for 4 years plus dormitory for free;
  • TOPIK Level 5,4 has a 35% waiver on tuition (1 semester);
  • TOPIK Level 3 (applicants who pass the written examination) have a 15% waiver on tuition (1 semester)

As you can tell, language proficiency is very important so make sure to take classes and master the fine art of Korean speaking and understanding.

2. Scholarship for English Track Program

This scholarship depends mostly on your performance in various fields and test, such as TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, and SAT scores. The tuition waivered can be anywhere from 50% to fully covered, if your scores are way above average.

For example, if you scored one of these:

  • TOEFL Score [IBT 115, PBT 667, CBT 290]
  • ACT Composite Score 27
  • IELTS 8.5
  • SAT Combined Score 1210

You are able to get 100% tuition fees waivered and the dormitory paid for 4 years by receiving these Dankook University scholarships for international students.

There are a few more scholarship options available, and you can check them all out here.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Scholarship for Postgraduate

This scholarship is for the graduate students at Dankook University, and it can waiver from 30 to 50% of tuition fees, depending on various scores. This Dankook University scholarship mostly depends on the knowledge of Korean and English language thus TOPIC levels 3 – 5 are granted scholarships that cover 30 to 50% of the costs.

English talking students are required to pass the TOEFL and for excellent results, they can also be granted a scholarship that covers 50% of the costs in the 1st and 2nd semesters. For the 3rd and 4th semesters, additional TOPIK testing is required.

Academic advisors or chair professors can also play a role in the scholarship grants, as they can make a recommendation and provide the student with necessary financial help that way.


Overall Dankook University offers amazing opportunities for learning and research, for both national and international students. They are constantly working on improving the conditions of education and providing a place for bright future generations, where education is the most important thing. Over the years they have proven their rightful place as one of the best and most prestigious universities in South Korea and worldwide.


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