Founded in 1836, Emory University is the second oldest private research university in Georgia, with two campuses in Atlanta and Oxford. The university is part of the leading educational institution in the USA with the distinct purpose of creating, preserving, teaching, and applying knowledge for the greater good of humanity while balancing the individual interest of its students. In addition, it offers generous financial programs, with 7 out of 10 students of the university provided with scholarships and financial aids regardless of their citizenship. In this article, we will be looking at the Emory University scholarships for international students.

International Students at Emory University

Around 4,000 international students from more than 100 countries speaking more than 85 languages studied at Emory University. The freshman class of each school year of the university comprises 15-18% foreign nationals. As the student’s second home, the university ensures that each of their non-American students has all the resources and support they need through their International Student and Scholar Services programs.

Tuition Fee at Emory University for International Students

The tuition for most undergraduate programs at Emory University is $53,000 per year except for business-related and nursing degrees that cost around $20-28,000 per semester. Aside from tuition, you must also consider other miscellaneous and living fees, which can amount to an additional $20,000 in total.

The graduate programs, on the other hand, vary per faculty. The MD program is around $25,500 per semester, whereas programs under the School of Law ranges from $50-70,000 per year for full-time enrolment. For the complete list of tuition fees for the various graduate programs at Emory University, refer here.

International Admissions Guide at Emory University

The undergraduate application for freshmen students is through the Common Application or Coalition Application portal. There are several available application plans to choose from at Emory University; for instance, once you have confirmed Emory University is fit for you, you can apply as early as November 1 for an Early Decision. If you only want to make it to both admission and scholarship deadlines, choose the Emory University Scholar Programs application time frame. However, if you have not made up your mind yet and still want to apply to other schools, you can also opt for Regular Decision, which is open until January 1. Upon your application, you can choose from Atlanta or Oxford campus to pursue your education.

There is no specific international admission guide for graduate students as each varies per school. The general process is you will be applying through the Laney Graduate School online portal or other specific portals of the school you’d be attending (School of Law, School of Medicine, etc.) and pay the application fee. If you receive an admission offer afterward, you will have to pay the tuition deposit and apply for F1 or a J1 visa before you can finally enroll at Emory University. To be part of the early decision program, you must apply before March 15.

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Application Fee at Emory University

The application fee for all undergraduate programs is $75, which can be waivable. The graduate program’s application fee costs more from $75 to $85 for both domestic and international students.

Admissions Requirements at Emory University for International Students

To apply to undergraduate programs at Emory University, you will need the following:

  • TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo testing certification
  • The Common Application or Coalition Application
  • Official high school transcripts with curriculum approved by Emory University
  • Secondary school report/counselor’s recommendation
  • Two teacher letters of recommendation from core-area academic teachers
  • Financial certification
  • Passport or an official travel document
  • Medical insurance
  • $75 Application Fee

Here are the basic requirements for graduate programs; however, some schools such as Medicine and Law have additional specific course requirements. Do check the university websites for a complete list of requirements.

  • Post-secondary transcripts (in English)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume/CV
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Diversity statement (optional)
  • $75 Application Fee

Emory University Rankings

Emory University boasts numerous high ranks in its quality of education, research, and living. Princeton Review recognized it in 2019 as the university that offers the Best Quality of Life. It also ranked first in providing Integrative Studies Program (Best Colleges, 2018), Best Hospital in Georgia, and Metro Atlanta (US News & World Report, 2019). It also places well as one of the Best Universities for Transfer Students (Money, 2019), Best Value College among 100 Top Private Universities (Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, 2017), Best Value Based on Academic Quality and Financial Aid (US News & World Report, 2020) and more.

Emory University Acceptance Rate

The USA is one of the countries comprising of universities with a rigorous admission process. For instance, in Emory University, the acceptance rate is estimated to be only at around 15%. You must prepare all your requirements and apply as early as possible.

Emory University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Emory College Wood Ruff Scholars Program

The Emory College Wood Ruff Scholars Program is among the few merit-based scholarships at Emory University for international students. The program provides financial aids to students and includes community engagement activities to help-develop well-rounded future professionals. To be eligible for the program, you must apply no later than November 15 to the university and answer ‘yes’ to any questions requesting regarding merit-based scholarship during your application. However, there are only limited slots, and out of 10,000 students that apply each year, only 200 make it to the cut.

2. Woodruff Dean’s Achievement Scholarship

There are only 3 Woodruff Dean’s Achievement Scholars that get selected from Emory University. The benefits a scholar can receive justify the difficulty of getting chosen as it covers full tuition and on-campus room and board fees for any undergraduate programs. The minimum cumulative GPA, an applicant, must have is 3.75 and excellent extra-curricular background. He/she must also submit an application on or before October 4 to qualify.

There is another merit-based scholarship program at Emory University for international students, but they are fewer than the need-based and financial aids, catering more to international students. Do note that to be considered for financial aids, you must apply for financial support during admission.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Graduate Financial Aid

The graduate scholarships in Emory University for international students are school-specific. You will have to contact the school where your desired program is under to know their faculty’s financial aid. However, these scholarships’ application process is similar; you will have to submit your tax documents translated into English and converted in dollars. Moreover, they also require the completion of a CSS profile for international students, which will show your family’s financial state. The application period also varies but commonly starts around February.


With an outstanding tuition fee of around $50-70,000 per year, being granted an Emory University scholarship will substantially help students manage their finances, focus on their studies, and not succumb to educational loans. And Emory University, which provides scholarships to 70% of its students per year, is an excellent choice to pursue your studies without your financial standing weighing you down.

I hope that this article on Emory University scholarships for international students was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!