The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, locally referred to as École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), is a global top 20 universities located in Switzerland offering world-class education, significant research opportunities, and a highly diversified community.

Founded in 1959, this fresh institute is one of the youngest yet best technical schools in the world, with a range of programs from engineering, architecture, and sciences. EPFL is home to over 350 laboratories and research groups, professors who are internationally recognized and cited, and thousands of scholarly publications.

In the years to come, EPFL aims to continually share its discoveries, shape students into world changers, and promote the beautiful and evolving Switzerland. In this article, we will be looking at the EPFL scholarships for international students.

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International Students at EPFL

EPFL prides itself in being the top multicultural university in Europe, having a student population composed of roughly 60% international enrolees from over 120 countries. The institute highly encourages international students to study one of its programs, participate in their research, and carry on with its mission of increasing global reach and creating a larger international network of innovators.

Tuition Fee for International Students

The tuition fee for both undergraduate and graduate students per semester at EPFL totals roughly USD 844. This covers the basic fee, AGEPoly membership, contribution to sports facilities, and contribution to the social fund. The AGEPoly membership may be waived if the student does not wish to join the association, but all other fees are compulsory. Students may visit the Tuition Fee and Other Fees for further details.

International Admissions Guide in Lausanne

The application process in EPFL is completely virtual— students must fill out the online form as well as digitize their requirements. Documents sent via other means such as fax or email will not be honored. To ensure that the application will be considered, applicants must make sure that the registration form, requirements, and payment are completed on or before the deadline.

For students looking to enter their undergraduate program, applications may be sent from late January until the 30th of April while for graduate applicants, the process runs from December 15 until April 15. Here’s a more detailed guide on how to get into EPFL as an undergraduate or graduate.

Application Fee at EPFL

The application fee for international students at EPFL is CHF 50 (roughly USD 54). This may be paid only via credit card, Swiss Postcard Debit Card, or PayPal.

International Admissions Requirements at EPFL

The admissions requirements for domestic and international students are relatively the same, plus some additional documents if you are a foreign applicant. Some of the documents that must be submitted include identity photos, intermediary grade sheets, a Swiss residence permit, and a language competence certificate in French.

For applicants holding a secondary school certificate from a country that is outside Europe, their final average grade must be 80% and they should have completed at least three of the following subjects: applied mathematics or computer science, chemistry or biology, general geography, general history or philosophy, and third modern language. For more guidance on undergraduate requirements, visit this page.

For graduate students, they must submit recommendation letters, their statement of purpose, and a copy of their Bachelor’s degree. Applicants for the Architecture program must also submit their portfolios. The complete list of requirements for graduate applicants may be checked here.

Academic Rankings

EPFL holds a number of top rankings in different categories under academics and overall school standing. In QS Global World Rankings for 2021, EPFL was ranked #14 among top universities worldwide and #6 in Europe. They are the most cosmopolitan technical university in Europe, having a diverse student and faculty population from over 120 countries.

EPFL was also ranked by Times Higher Education World University Rankings as the world’s 19th best institution for Engineering and Technology and 43th as a university worldwide.

Acceptance Rate

The estimated acceptance rate at EPFL is 20%. The institute is quite selective in its process and reviews each applicants’ school records and other credentials.

EPFL Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. EPFL Social Scholarship

The EPFL Social Scholarship aims to support students who are in the midst of financial distress. International students may start applying for this scholarship in their second year of studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Laussanne. The scholarship may be granted for one or two semesters.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Excellence Fellowship

The Excellence Fellowship is granted to a limited number of EPFL master’s students with outstanding academic records. Of the many students who apply for this scholarship at EPFL, only 3% are accepted. Grantees may decide on where to allocate the fund, whether for their tuition or housing and may be granted the scholarship for a maximum of four semesters.

Applications are divided into two: internal and external. Internal applicants are students who are applying for a master’s scholarship after completing their undergraduate studies in EPFL as well, while external applicants are those who are only taking their master’s in the institute.

2. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship is awarded to students each year in order to promote international relations, research collaboration, and arts with other countries. The selection process is based on the applicant’s profile, quality of research project or artwork, and potential for future research cooperation.

The research scholarship at EPFL is granted to post-graduate applicants who are planning to take their doctoral or post-doctoral degree in Switzerland, while the art scholarship is for those wanting to take up a master’s art degree in the country.

Other available scholarships and financial aids offered to EPFL graduate students may be viewed on their Scholarships page.


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