Studying Architecture is an ideal choice if you’re looking to pursue a career in designing and constructing buildings. It’s also an excellent career option if you want to make impacting changes to the environment, such as creating more sustainable building designs. On top of pursuing your passion for the art and the science of Architecture, working as an architect can also be a lucrative career.

Here are the free Architecture schools with no tuition to get you started on this career track.

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Free Architecture Schools

1. Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich or TUM is one of the free Architecture schools you can study at even if you’re from outside the EEA or EU. It was founded in 1868, providing education in Engineering, Technology, Applied Sciences, and Medicine. The university has around 48,300 students, around 38% of which are international students. Besides its campus in Munich, Germany, the university has 1 offshore campus in Singapore and 5 international offices in China, Brazil, Belgium, India, and the United States.

TUM offers the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program through the School of Engineering and Design. It takes eight semesters of full-time studies to complete. This program is completely tuition-free for all students, including international students. However, interested applicants must meet the language requirements as this program is only taught in German. Plus, international students must cover other related costs during their stay at the university.

Besides the bachelor’s program, you can also study Architecture at the Master’s level at the Technological University of Munich. This program takes 4 semesters to complete and also requires German language competencies. Some of the areas you can focus on in this program are Integrated Building Technology, Cultural Heritage, History, and Criticism, and Urban Landscape and Transformation. Finally, the university offers doctorate programs that are also tuition-free so graduates can pursue research-driven careers.

2. University of Buenos Aires

The University of Buenos Aires is a government-funded research university where you can study Architecture for free. Built in 1821, the university is among the most prestigious in the country and the Ibero-America. The university has currently 5 Nobel laureates and is one of the top research producers in the world. It’s also among the top 1% of the world universities, according to QS World University Rankings. Since 2011, the university has reached a staggering 300,000 student population across its 13 faculties.

Through its Faculty of Architecture, local and international students can enjoy a free and high-quality education at the undergraduate level. To be admitted to the university, you only need to meet specific requirements, such as completing secondary-level studies. There is also no entrance examination unless the applicant is over 25 years old and has no certificate of secondary-level education.

After completing the admission process, you can start your five-year education at the University of Buenos Aires. Besides classroom instruction, the university also provides hands-on training to Architecture students through its curricular program, Assisted Professional Practices. Under this program, students have internship opportunities at architecture studios, municipalities, engineering studios, and civil society organizations.

3. University of Brasilia

The University of Brasilia is among the institutions that offer free tertiary-level education to local and international students in Brazil. Built in 1962, the university has more than 20 colleges and institutes, and is home to more than 47,000 students. There is around 3,000 academic and non-academic staff at the university as well. The university has four campuses across the country. Among its more than 300 degree programs is the Bachelor’s in Architecture and Urban Planning.

Just like the University of Buenos Aires, the undergraduate program in Architecture at the University of Brasilia takes 5 years to complete. If you’re looking to work and study in Brazil, you can also choose to take a day or night-time schedule. This free architecture school’s program also consists of various courses, including those that are compulsory and elective. Finally, there are free module disciplines to help you widen your knowledge in other areas and complementary activities, such as internships and congress participation. This program is taught in mostly Portuguese so competency level in this language is a major requirement for admission.

As the university is completely free to all students regardless of nationality, you can both focus on your studies and afford to enjoy Brazil. The country is known for its beautiful beaches, over 2,000 of them, and a mega-diverse nature. As a popular destination for spring breaks and holidays, Brazil also offers unforgettable food and party culture.

4. Autonomous University of Chiriqui

The Autonomous University of Chiriqui is among the places you can pursue Architecture education for free. It is located in Panama, between Central and South America, and was built in 1995. It has more than 14,000 students and offers more than 50 programs. There are 10 faculties in the university, with the undergraduate program in Architecture being offered at the Faculty of Architecture.

Besides the free tuition, there are also no admission fees to join the undergraduate Architecture program at the Autonomous University of Chiriqui. You only have to pay minimal fees for the Vocational Psychological test and the English seminar. Note that classes at the university are mostly taught in Spanish so you’ll also need to meet some level of competency there.

5. Technical University of Crete

The Technical University of Crete is one of the free architecture schools with no tuition. This Greek state university was built in 1977 and started accepting students in 1984. Since then, it has built over 70 facilities and laboratories and become one of the most extinguished institutions in the country. By 2019, the university has reported having more than 6,400 students, more than half of which are at the undergraduate level.

The university offers a five-year undergraduate Architecture program through its School of Architecture. Here, students learn through lectures, tutorials, laboratory exercises, workshops, and seminars. Students are also required to complete a thesis. The languages of instruction in the undergraduate program are English and Greek.


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