Studying abroad can be costly and international students have several things to consider before they can even choose the programs to study. But suppose you’re set on a particular program. Is it possible to find universities that offer free tuition?

If you’re looking to study Biochemistry, this article will provide you with a list of universities and schools with no tuition fees.

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1. Heidelberg University

  • Free Tuition Fee Link
  • Free to: Students from EEA and EU member states and international students with German university entrance qualification

The Heidelberg University or formerly known as the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg is one of the public biochemistry universities in Germany that offer free education through scholarships. Established in 1386, it’s technically the oldest in the country and among the oldest surviving academic institutions in the world. The university is currently home to nearly 30,000 students, around 5,200 of which are international students. Considering that it’s among the most prestigious universities in the country, Heidelberg University offers free tuition to selected students.

It offers a Master’s degree program in Biochemistry which takes 4 semesters to complete. The language of instruction is English and German so it’s important to have high competencies in these. The course content is organized into modules, with different teaching modalities, such as lectures, practical classes, laboratory work, and seminars. There are also examinations at the end of each semester, and thesis work in the fourth semester.

Students in this program learn about modern research in Biochemistry as well as prepare them for future careers in private or government institutions. Students may also pursue doctoral studies after completing their master’s studies. After completing the program, students earn a Master of Science in Biochemistry degree.

2. University of Oulu

The University of Oulu, founded in 1958, is one of the largest academic institutions for higher learning in Finland that offer biochemistry programs for free. As the country is known for its free tertiary education, the University of Oulu is also one of the places you can study Biochemistry for free if you’re from any of the EU and EEA states. Students from Switzerland are also free to study here. This university is home to some 13,000 students and around 20% of them are from other countries.

Biochemistry is among the best subjects to study here. Besides the free tuition, you can also take pride in studying in one of the top 500 world universities according to Shanghai Ranking in 2021. Additionally, the university has a strong record of academic research, particularly in structural biochemistry. Students are subjected to in-depth training, providing them with the ideal environment to master research skills.

The Master of Science in Biochemistry program at the University of Oulu is also flexible. It allows students to explore other specializations, such as molecular medicine or protein biochemistry. The program has a low enrolment compared to other programs in the university. Considering that, students receive more attention and even have the opportunity to experience one-to-one learning. Finally, the program is taught in English, providing a comfortable social environment for international students.

3. University of Sao Paulo

The University of São Paulo is among the biochemistry universities in the world that offer free tuition to all their students. As such, it’s one of the places to consider if you’re looking to study Biochemistry. The university was built in 1934 and is now the largest academic institution in Brazil. Since it charges no tuition fees to all students, the university receives its funding from state taxes. Because of that, the university produces the best graduates and achieves high-quality teaching and research outputs.

It has currently around 86,000 students across 249 undergraduate and 239 graduate programs. There are also around 6,000 professors and more than 16,000 administrative staff. With such massive teaching and student body, the University of São Paulo provides international students with the most welcoming environment.

While the university doesn’t offer specific undergraduate courses for Biochemistry, it offers graduate programs for qualified students. The Graduate Program in Biochemistry or Biological Sciences prepares students for research, teaching, or professional careers. There are 40 advisors in the Biochemistry department, ensuring that all students are adequately guided. To join a graduate program, prospective students must pass the General Biochemistry and Molecular Biology exams. And since the program is taught mainly in Portuguese, applicants must also provide proof of their language competencies.

4. Charles University

Joining the list of biochemistry universities with free tuition fees for all students is Charles University. Founded in 1348, Charles University is the oldest university in the Czech Republic and among the oldest in the world. It has almost 50,000 students and around 7,000 of the student population are international students.

You can study Biochemistry at Charles University, and the program is available for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies. So long as you’re choosing the Czech Biochemistry program, you don’t need to pay for anything at Charles University. To get accepted into the program, you’ll need to pass the Entrance Exam in the Czech language.

5. University of Stavanger

Founded in 2005, the University of Stavanger is one of the public universities in Norway, where tuition fees for both local and international students are zero. The university is located in Stavanger, which is the country’s capital for energy and oil. Considering its location, some of the focus study fields in the university are in the energy and green transition industries. The university also focuses on health and welfare and becoming an excellent learning environment for its students.

The University of Stavanger has more than 12,000 students across nearly 100 programs in undergraduate, master’s, and postgraduate studies. Among the degree programs you can study here is the Master of Science in Biochemistry. Completing this program takes 4 semesters or two years. It’s a highly competitive program as it only opens five study places for international applicants. Besides not charging any tuition fees, this program is also excellent for international students as it’s taught primarily in the English language.


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