Business Administration is a comprehensive academic discipline. It is one of the most common degrees where almost all schools offer at least a business program in their institution. As general as it seems, business programs are versatile. Many disciplines include business courses in their curriculum. And there are countless interdisciplinary programs and combined degree programs, which include Business Administration.

Students awarded with business degree programs will also find themselves employed in different industries. This flexible discipline has been a popular degree for most students for years and the years to come. Even if more up-to-date and modern degrees are offered nowadays, the field of study in Business will never be outshined. With that, here are some free business schools that have no tuition fees.

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Business Schools with No Tuition

1. Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin)

The Free University of Berlin is among the free business schools that have no tuition. It is also one of the globally recognized universities in Germany. One of the university’s goals is to produce students with an entrepreneurial mindset. This will be beneficial for all students but more specifically for students studying in the School of Business and Economics. The school equips students with employability skills that will give them an edge when looking for employment.

The university has a wide range of study programs, including several English-taught programs. However, the School of Business and Economics currently does not offer academic programs lectured in English. International students who acquire German proficiency can enroll in one of the following bachelor’s programs: Business Administration, Business Administration with a minor (combined degrees), and Management with a minor (combined degrees). Only limited slots are available for combined degree programs, and admissions in these programs are stricter than in other programs. At the master’s level, business programs are more specific. But most of the programs offered are charged with tuition fees, such as the China-Europe Executive Master of Business Marketing (taught in English) and EMBM-Executive Master of Business Marketing (taught in German). Only a Master’s in Management and Marketing (Taught in English and German) is free of charge.

The university is an excellent choice for international students; not only will the students get an internationally acknowledged degree, but they will also feel secure throughout their student life as the university is known to be a friendly and diverse university.

2. University of Giessen (Justus Liebig University Giessen)

Another German university offering numerous study programs that charge no tuition fees to its student body is the University of Giessen. Located in Hesse, Germany, it is considered one of the oldest institutions in the country. It comprises different faculties that offer a diverse range of study programs from various academic disciplines.

The institution offers financial support to its international students. One scholarship grant available for students is “graduation scholarships.” The financial support is open for all foreign graduating students. Those who were granted scholarships will be able to get financial support of 300 euros a month for about three to six months, and usually, these are given during their last year in the university.

There are several business degree programs offered at the university for students who want to pursue a career in the business sector. A degree program in Economics and Business Administration typically completed in six semesters is currently offered at the undergraduate level. A Master of Science in Business Administration is offered at the postgraduate level. These degree programs are taught in German and are intended for students whose careers will lead them to various industries in the private and public sectors.

3. Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

The Copenhagen Business School is one of Denmark’s most prominent business schools. The institution is fully committed to providing top-quality education specializing in Business Administration and Economics studies. The school offers interdisciplinary programs taught in English and Danish. Denmark’s higher education is mostly free for its citizens and EU/EEA citizens; however, international students from other foreign countries are still welcome, provided that tuition fees are levied. The school offers scholarships at the graduate level and does not currently offer scholarships for students taking up bachelor’s degree programs. But again, CBS is a free business school with no tuition for Denmark and EU/EEA citizens.

Undergraduate and graduate programs are mostly business programs combined with other areas of disciplines. These multidisciplinary programs allow students to choose the area of concentration they further want to study, like a degree in BSc in Business Administration and Service Management; students can choose one concentration in Arts & Culture, Service & Innovation, or Tourism & Hospitality. There are numerous academic programs offered at CBS. Business Administration is a complex academic discipline, and no matter what the student’s interests are, there’s indeed a degree that will fit into their criterion.

4. University of Akureyri

Business degree-seeking students who are more adventurous may be interested in continuing higher education at the University of Akureyri in Iceland. The country may not be a famous study destination for international students due to its cold weather, but this should not be a hindrance as most universities in the country provide free education to all its students. Well, as for the University of Akureyri, the education is not entirely free, yes, there are no academic fees, but students are required to pay the yearly registration fee of 75 000 ISK or around 590 dollars. This is a small amount compared to other schools in the country.

The university has a wide range of degree programs, including Business Administration. All programs at the Faculty of Business Administration are taught in Icelandic, so students must acquire a high level of proficiency in the country’s native language. At the undergraduate level, students can enroll in one of the following programs: Business Administration in Management and Finance, Management and Marketing, and Business Administration with a minor in Fisheries Science. Students will be awarded a bachelor’s degree upon completion of 180 ECTS. For young professionals and recent graduates, the school also offers Graduate and Ph.D. programs in Business Administration.

5. Aalto University

Aalto University is a renowned and respected university in Finland. A young university having only been established in 2010, primarily concentrates on offering innovative academic programs in the field of Art and Design, Business and Economics, and Technology and Engineering. Students from EU/EEA will favor studying at the university as most of its degree programs are taught in English, even at the bachelor’s level.

In the field of Business, academic programs are offered at bachelor’s, double-degree, master’s, and doctoral levels. Many of these programs are interdisciplinary programs such as BSc in International Business, MA in Information and Service Management, and MSc in Economics and Business Administration.

While Aalto University is among the free business schools with no tuition fees for EU/EEA students, the university offers scholarships to tuition fee-paying international students. The Aalto University Scholarship programs are open to all tuition-paying students who are highly talented individuals. For those awarded, the school will cover the student’s tuition fee by half or in full.


I hope you found this article on free business schools with no tuition fees informative and helpful. You can also find more information on different European universities and scholarship opportunities on the Europe Scholarships Page!