What can be better than getting a certificate in online courses without spending a single penny? Nothing, right?

Getting yourself enrolled in online courses that offer certificates upon completion is a great way to add up your skills portfolio. It opens up a whole new level of educational and career opportunities for you without needing to leave your comfy room and spend any money.

With the right courses that put up suitably to your field, you can punch up your resume and stand out from other applicants making yourself more likely to grab opportunities.

If you surf the internet, there are tons of websites, including the big three (Coursera, Udacity, edX) that offer a whole lot of free courses. However, the problem is that they charge if you need certification with the course as well.

But, don’t worry, here we will guide you about some of the best online courses where you will be awarded a certificate as well FREE of cost. So keep on reading to find out.

Online Short Courses with Certificates that are Free

1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You might know the term if you’re somewhat familiar to a business firm or know a thing or two about the law. GDPR is a legislation which is very significant when it comes to companies or businesses that collect any form of data from any individuals. Failing to meet the standards set by GDPR can end up a company in huge penalties.

So, if you own a company or work at one, this free short course with certificates will teach you everything that you need to know about GDPR and how to implement it in organizations to give them a boost.


2. Introduction To Computer Science

Nowadays, from our smart-phones to our toasters, everything is becoming smart, making programming a very important aspect in our daily lives. This course is basically built for newbies to Computer Science and gives them basic concepts regarding coding and other CS skills that may come in handy during various tasks.

Moreover, students planning to take CS as their major in future can also use this course to their advantage and get prior knowledge to every related aspect, developing their interest in this field ahead of the time.


3. Diploma In QuickBooks Pro 2017

Not to be misguided by the name, this is actually a certificate course, and won’t get you a diploma but only a certificate. The course directly related to business and is already being widely used in running businesses around the globe.

Basically, this online short course with certificates helps you up to your way to becoming a pro with QuickBooks, which is a software used to manage accounts effectively and efficiently.

So, whatever field you’re working in, if you need to keep track of your own or someone else’s business account, taking this course is the perfect antidote.


4. Alison ABC IT

 The course is related to the ever-growing field of Information Technology (IT) and comes in handy in almost every aspect of life, including our personal and professional lives.

Built for the non-techies, the course guides you through each section of interacting with computers in every possible way you’ll need to. You will discover the real power of the computer and many hidden things during the course, making you what people call geeks.

Getting the certificates proves that you can handle any work related to a computer with enough proficiency and comfort and that the involvement of IT won’t be an obstacle in your work.


5. Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting 1 – Sales and Purchase

 This is another business-related course that teaches you the necessary skills of accounting to present your records to your employer or your own self.

The course introduces you to business-related terms of bookkeeping, teaching you everything from business assets, liabilities to sales taxes, and various forms of invoices you might need to deal with.

At the end of the course, you will be pretty comfortable with the bookkeeping tasks of any organization and will be able to present all the records decently.


6. Applied Operations Management – Inventory Models

Inventory models are really helpful for business in the sense that they allow the companies to determine order quantities which will minimize the costs related to inventory and ordering. If properly applied, it can result in saving a lot of money for the company regularly.

This short course with certificates will teach you about inventory modeling and storing goods for future use. You will also study the customer demand and its classification followed by the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model.


7. Hazard Recognition and Risk Assessment

These serve as the main tools in keeping your firm away from any trouble and unwanted accidents. You will be able to safely analyze and hazards and risks so to avoid them at the end of this course.

The course will teach you by going through certain types of risks and information gathering process and finally using the required tools to tackle the issues effectively.


8. Introduction To Supply Chain Management 

This is a comprehensive course covering all the nuts and bolts of supply chain management and how this has a direct relationship to a company’s success.

Upon completion, you will figure out the way, goods and the services make all their way from their origins to the end of the chain, which is the consumer. You will learn about new ways to make this chain more efficient and profitable, ensuring the growth of your business.


9. Business Communication – Fundamentals of Business Writing

Communication is the key if you’re a part of an esteemed organization. Not knowing the perfect protocol of communicating within your organization, you cannot possibly get heard and fail to make your impression and ideas clear.

This short online course with certificates will teach you the effective ways of writing flawless business letters and the proper way to prepare your business write-ups to present yourself better than ever!


10. ISO Management System Audit Techniques and Best Practices

If you’ve heard about auditing or ISO, it’s likely that you have heard the ISO 9001 term, this course will guide you to the basics of auditing in view of ISO 9001 by teaching you various techniques that are used in effective auditing. These skills include pre-audit activities, system standards, protocols, and proper methodology.


11. Event Management

Whether it’s just another family event or a professional one, it takes proper planning and management done in advance to make the event a memorable one and avoid any mishaps. This course will help you with the fundamentals of planning successful events and doing efficient event marketing.

So, this course is pretty useful to take even if you’re not planning event management for earning some bucks as there are always some events going on in your friends or family.


12. Principles of Marketing

Selling a product is no less than art and science, and without proper tips experience, its in no way an easy task to present a product in a way that it captivates the consumer’s mind.

This short course online with certifcates will guide your way throughout the process, including positioning the product, doing the market research based on it and do the promotion while keeping the competition in mind.


13. Business Law and Ethics

If you’re an entrepreneur or work at some organization, it’s very important to know about the laws and codes related to business and the professional ethics involved; any random slip-off could cause you a serious penalty and bring a halt to your career.

This course will teach you all about professional ethics and the common laws a regular person needs to know about in his daily life like property laws, contracts, and whatnot. At the end of the course, you’ll be aware of the rights you and the people around you, have.


14. Sports and Recreational Management

This short course is related to the sports industry and makes you acquire all the skills that you will need to fit within a sports and recreational industry. You will be comfortable with the managerial skills and the leadership qualities needed to even run a sports complex by yourself.


15. Concepts in Game Development

It’s sometimes very intriguing how all these high graphic games work right? If you’re also curious about how different types of games are developed and what kind of logic and reasonings are used in design stages, make sure to get enrolled in this course and learn all the basics you need to know about game development. You can use this course as a stepping stone to further advance your career in this field.


16. Public Speaking

A lot of people who have got tremendous skills in their pocket often fail to advertise them due to their poor speaking skills. Irrespective of what you’re doing and where you are, speaking skills are necessary, and every person should have enough speaking skills in order to make his ideas and perspectives clear whenever needed.

This course will tell you how to become a proficient public speaker as well as guide you with the significant differences that exist between advertising, public relations, and publicity. You will get to know about various PR tools and the importance of your opinion in a professional environment.


17. Computer Networking – Digital Network Security

Computer networks are the reason why you’re being able to read this article while sitting at a remote place. They’re essential in today’s digital world and with them comes their vulnerability hence digital security being as important as them.

The course introduces you to both the concepts giving you an overview of how digital devices are connected throughout the world and the way they are kept secure from any malicious attacks. You’ll get to know about things from protocols used while transferring the data to encryption methods used to keep our data safe.


18. Climate Change

One of the biggest problems that are increasing day by day and is not getting enough attention is climate change. There are so many factors affecting it and things we can do to make it better; however, due to lack of knowledge in the general public, it’s only getting worse.

This short course online with certifcates will change your perspective towards climate and give you the basic knowledge about climate change like how it being affected results in changes in ecosystems, food supplies, economies, etc.

The solutions to all these problems are also included and including the reduction of different emissions and tackling critical situations.


19. Mobile Robotics

Making a robot, making it act exactly the way you want is quite fun, right? Well, it’s not all that simple but also not rocket science.

This course looks at the preliminary ways how robots are designed and what causes them to act the way they do. The building blocks of robots are quite logical, and there is nothing unexpected with their behavior, which would all be taught as a part of this course hence it’s a pretty good way to develop your interest in robotics.


20 Education In a Changing World

Educating the next generation is the key to a better future, without teaching the next generation in the proper would never lead us to better times. Keeping in mind the importance of it, the evolution of education is hardly looked up.

The course focuses on the changing trend of education in recent times and how different factors affect different types of teaching approaches. Things like changing literacy rates will also be discussed with the probable factors causing them.


21. Teaching Adult Learners

Teaching adults is often a harder task than what we imagine it to be. It’s not very easy to maintain a learning environment keeping in view different types of learners having different attitudes with different backgrounds.

You will learn about different forms of impacts that define the different levels of learning in adults. The role of modern technology will also be looked upon with the study of the transition of learning attitudes from childhood to adults.


I hope that this article on free online courses with certificates was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!