Fulbright Program is an exchange program run by the US government to promote mutual understanding between nations. It consists of many core programs such as the Fulbright Foreign Student Program that allows graduate students to pursue education in the US fully funded.

One of the core programs is the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program. This program allows scholars who have already earned a doctorate degree to conduct post-doctoral research and/or teach at US Universities fully funded. The duration of this scholarship is a semester to a year.

Each year, over 800 students from over 155 eligible countries receive this scholarship to conduct research or lecture in American universities. After the fellowship, scholars return to their homes with a deeper understanding and experience to make an impact in their home countries.

Scholarship Amount

  1. Research Costs
  2. Monthly Stipend
  3. Airplane Ticket

How to Apply for Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program

It is difficult to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to apply for this program. The reason is that the application deadline, required materials, and eligibility are varies from country to country. It is vital that you have the specific guide for your home country.

To obtain that guide and apply, you should:

  1. Contact the Public Affairs Section of the US embassy by email, mail, or phone call.
  2. Ask them for the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program information.
  3. Carefully read the information that the embassy has provided.
  4. Prepare the required materials and fill out the application form.
  5. Submit the application before the deadline.

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  1. Be a citizen from one of the 155 eligible countries
  2. Hold a doctorate degree or its professional equivalent
  3. English Language Proficiency Test (TOEFL or IELTS)

There are other requirements for different countries. Each country has a separate list of requirements, and it is vital that you contact the US embassy in your home country.

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