Georgia State University is a public research institution founded in 1913. As one of the four research universities in the University System of Georgia, Georgia State University started out as a night school as the Georgia School of Technology’s Evening School of Commerce, which soon became the Atlanta Division of the University of Georgia when it became a part of the University of Georgia system. It became the Georgia State College of Business Administration in 1955, changed to Georgia State College, and finally became Georgia State University in 1969. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Georgia State University.

Georgia State University’s main campus is located Downtown, with branch campuses in Alpharetta, Decatur, Clarkston, Dunwoody, and Newton.

The university system has over 51,000 students, with its Downtown campus offering over 250 degree programs. Tuition fees range from $7,000 to $21,000 while annual expenses average at over $40,000. There are around 400 student organizations at Georgia State University.

As a public research institution, Georgia State University has over 84 research facilities. Some of its research centers include The Center for Molecular & Translational Medicine, which is focused on researches in addressing healthcare needs such as heart diseases and obesity-related illnesses, and the Mark Chaffin Center for Healthy Development, a medical research center for children and adults.

Its Student Recreation Center, which opened in 2001, features amenities such as fitness centers, exercise rooms, game rooms, and other facilities for rest and recreation.

Georgia State University is ranked as second-best in undergraduate teaching in the United States and ranked as the second Most Innovative University according to US News and World report in 2019. If you want to be a freshman here, the process is easier than you think because the acceptance rate at Georgia State University is 59%, which is not that competitive.

The university is known to have an ethnically diverse student population, ranking 10th according to US News and World Report. Georgia State University has a huge population of Asians, Hispanics, and African-Americans as well.

Georgia State University holds the Cinefest, an event featuring and celebrating film culture that showcases a wide range of films such as international films, art films, and even traditional 35mm films.

Georgia State University is also known for its ‘Sweetheart Circle’. A popular tale in the university says that walking around the campus circle three times would guarantee a marriage with your sweetheart.

Some of its notable graduates include actress Julia Roberts; musician Chris Bridges more known by his stage name Ludacris; former CEO, Chairman, and President of Bank of America Ken Lewis; former White House Press Secretary Jody Powell; and Fox Channel meteorologist Rick Reichmuth.

The Georgia State Panthers represent the university in the NCAA Division I Sun Belt Conference through its 16 sports teams. Georgia State University is known for its long-standing rivalry with the Georgia Southern Eagles, which is dubbed as the ‘Modern Day Hate’. The Panthers used to be the Owls, which owes to its history as a night school but was changed in 1989 by the crimson panther Urbie and subsequently replaced by the blue panther Pounce which serves as its current mascot.

Acceptance Rate at Georgia State University

Acceptance in Georgia State University is somewhat competitive, with a 59% rate according to Forbes. If you have a good GPA as well as decent test scores, you will definitely get in. So, don’t be affected by senioritis!


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