Hallym University is one of the iconic private universities in Chuncheon, Gangwon region of the Republic of Korea. It started in 1982 and was granted the title of “Distinguished University” for three consecutive years. Because of its exemplary performance, it has received Brain Korea 21 Project funding for years. The university began with a paltry 228 students. There were only four departments namely Medicine, Biology, Social Work, and English.

Hallym University has humanity as its center of focus. It seeks to foster peace and prosperity of nations by providing a human resource that is humane and creative to provide solutions for prevailing challenges. For leaders to transform the world, they must get this transformation from a global learning environment. This is what Hallym University endeavors to provide.

The programs offered at the university are highly practical and aimed at instilling a sense of harmony and cultural awareness in students. The programs also have a global focus while still ensuring that the students are ready to serve their immediate community. This is achieved through the participation and involvement of all stakeholders including students, faculty, alumni, citizens, and residents of the area. The target for all education programs is to achieve better humanity.

In line with the philosophy of education in Korea, Hallym University bases its education on humanitarianism. This is achieved through set objectives that are pursued by all stakeholders in the university. The objective is to play a part in individual growth, development of the society, national prosperity and overall happiness of humanity.

This philosophy of humanitarianism and the objectives of holistic growth have borne goals that include cultivation of talented persons who possess abundant humanity as well as creative intelligence. The learning environment also aims at academic and cultural exchanges to enhance learning.

During celebrations of 35 years, the university aims at declaring vision and actions that will propel the institution into the new era. The new vision is aimed at propelling it to the status of a first class and leading university. The institution seeks to achieve this by paying closer attention to the objectives of being a global leader in research, focusing on community development and advancing talent education.

The university recognizes the role its students will play in social transformation. The students Hallym University produces will spearhead the transformation of Hallym community, Korea and the world at large. A lot of attention also goes to campus life in order to ensure that students have the best educational environment. The environment is energetic and rewarding to students. It provides diversity through education collaborations and helps each student to actualize his potential.

R&BD is an innovative approach to community and industry collaboration. It raises the quality of research to make it in tandem with the needs of society. The university endeavors to strengthen links with local communities and industries to ensure that there is a shared destiny. The idea is to promote the growth and development of the surrounding environment and thus ensure that activities and presence of the university are beneficial to its host community. The university is a stepping stone to global and personal actualization.

This university is recognized widely in South Korea although many international students might not have heard about this university. Elite universities such as KAIST and Seoul National University are very popular among international students, but other excellent institutions are not. Hallym University is ranked in the middle to high in the global rankings. First, CWUR has ranked this university to be 35th in Korea, and Top University has ranked it to be 179th in Asia. Also, Times Higher Education has ranked it to be 251st in Asia, and US News has ranked it 36th in Korea and 329th in Asia. These rankings show that Hallym University is an anemically sound university.


Hallym University wants the admission process to be as efficient as possible for international students. To help with this process, they have admissions guides which contain vital information. You definitely need to look at these guides since they contain admission process, deadlines, eligibility, and tuition information. For more information, visit the Admission Guides Page for Graduate Students.

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Hallym University charges undergraduate students the tuition fee of $6,000 per year and graduate students the tuition fee of $12,000 a year. These tuition fees are relatively cheap for an excellent institution such as Hallym University. If you want to pay less, you can always receive generous scholarships provided by this excellent institution.

Hallym University Scholarship

As stated earlier, it provides fabulous scholarship opportunities for international students. All undergraduate students receive an automatic 50% tuition waiver for their first semester and can receive a maximum amount of 60% tuition waiver if they get a good GPA. For graduate students, they can receive up to a 100% tuition fee waiver if they work as a TA or RA.


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