Hannam University is a private Christian university located in Daejeon, South Korea. It was founded in 1956 by American missionaries and continues to be a Christian university. Since its founding, it has produced over 70,000 graduates who serve in Korean society and in churches. These graduates have been influential in many churches and in many organizations.

Currently, Hannam University has 13,000 undergraduate students, 1,000 graduate students, and 400 international students that are taught by 1,000 professors. These students and professors are located in 9 undergraduate colleges, 44 departments, 5 graduate schools, and 33 research institutes of Hannam University. Also, they are located on two campuses, one in Daejeon and one in Daedeok. The Daedeok campus is in the middle of the research complex that is located in the city and houses Nano and Biology departments.

Hannam University is very welcoming to international students. As stated earlier, approximately 400 international students are studying at this university. Also, this university offers Linton Global College which is one of the first global colleges in Korea. This college of Hannam University offers all classes in English which will be easier for international students since they do not have to study Korean. They do not have the pressure to learn Korean right away but take their time to learn by interacting with their fellow classmates.

Hannam University is ranked relatively high. According to Unirank, it is ranked 46th in Korea, and according to the Ranking Web of Universities, it is ranked 66th in Korea. Although these rankings are not that high, it is better than most universities in Korea. When taking into account the many universities that are in Korea, Hannam University is still one of the top universities in Korea.

Hannam University Tuition

Since it is a private institution, the tuition fee for Hannam University is relatively high. For undergraduate students, the tuition fee is $7,500 a year, and for graduate students, the tuition fee is $8,000 a year. Since there may be some international students who cannot afford to pay these fees, scholarships are offered to those students and students who have great academic potential.


Hannam University has facilitated the admission process for international students. Their website is very navigable and has no grammatical errors. The admission guide is provided so that students can apply with ease. It provides students with much useful information such as admission timetables and tuition information. If you want to get access to this admission information, visit Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Admissions.

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Hannam University Scholarships

This university offers many scholarships to international students. It provides the maximum of full-tuition scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students based on GPA. More Information about scholarships can be found on the scholarships page.


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