Hanover College is a school that is overflowing with opportunities.  Also, with its wonderful environment, it’s evident why students seek admission into this college. Most of the classes at Hanover are few and discussion-based. While the academic endeavor can be testing, students state that a considerable lot of the harder levels have helpful professors. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Hanover College.

The history of Hanover College can be traced back to the 19th century when a clergyman of the largest Presbyterian church in the US deemed it fit that students should be lectured on the liberal arts. Hence, in 1828, Rev. John Finley Crowe, established in Indiana, the oldest private institution of higher learning. The institution began its first academic session in 1827 with only six students. After acquiring a college status in 1834, the population of the school witnessed rapid growth as the number of students increased from 6 to over 200. It was recorded that 119 students enrolled at Hanover Preparatory School (formerly Hanover Academy) while 101 students attended Hanover College.

The school also benefited enormously from the attack on Pearl Harbor during the second world war as it increased the population of the school.  At the beginning of WWII, the school had an estimated population of 165 students, but after the war, the student population increased to over 600. The end of WWII also ushered a new phase in the school as it became coeducational with the admission of its first female students in 1947, albeit Long College for Women, and this activity continued until the 1960s. If you want to be part of this university, make sure to read the acceptance rate at Hanover College.

In terms of student activities, there are a lot of events and activities in the school, from the student-run campus newspaper, television and radio station, and drama group. There are fraternities and sororities on campus. The school sports team competed in the third division of the NCAA.

The Acceptance Rate at Hanover College

The acceptance rate at Hanover College is relatively high. The general acceptance rate is estimated to be 58%. During the last admission cycle, the acceptance rate was quite high compared to other years. An estimated 3,300 freshmen applied to the college, while a whopping 2,600 students were offered admission representing 79% of applicants. However, only 43% of the students offered admission into the school commenced the academic session. 82% of female students who applied to the school were given admission, and an estimated 75% of male applicants were offered admission. The ACT scores of students at the school range between 22-27. In terms of the fees, the majority of the students in the school receive financial aid in order to subsidize the school fees, which is on the high side.


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