Hoseo University is a private university that is located in Asan, Korea. Founded in 1978 as a Christian university, it quickly grew in size because of its strong academics. There are 18,000 undergraduate students and thousands of graduate students in Hosea’s main campus in Asan and also another campus in Cheonan. There are many international students that are studying in the university because it was authorized to invite foreign students in 2015.

Many people, including its very own students, do not know this fact. Hoseo University did not start with this name originally. Before it was called Cheonwon Technology University, a two-year college, but it became a four-year university and changed its name after eight years. After this change, many Korean students came to this university to study in many different areas, and many international students came to study as well.

Another important fact to emphasize is the area of business. Hoseo University is well-known for being the best university in Korea to support the venture businesses of its students. It established Student’s Business Incubator, which supports students to become entrepreneurs and become their own bosses. If you are interested in starting your own business, this university is perfect for you.

The motto of Hoseo University is “Reinforcing Personality Education founded upon the Spirit of Christianity.” The university believes that teaching students just academics is not enough. Students need to be taught morals and personal traits as well as different skills. Without morals, education becomes futile. Some students might worry that Hoseo University will go against their own religion. However, this university does not enforce Christianity upon its students, and students are allowed to practice their own religion.

Hoseo University Rankings

This university is ranked middle in many ranking systems. 4icu ranked the university to be 86th in Korea. However, many academic departments are very strong, especially in the business department. The venture business section of the business department has earned many prestigious awards and is ranked as one of the best programs in Korea.

Admissions and Acceptance Rates

Many international students, as well as Korean students, want to apply to Hoseo University. Because of this high demand, the university did an excellent job of streamlining the application process. They have provided a clear admissions guide which includes eligibility, application form, required documents, and admissions deadlines. If you are interested in applying, visit Undergraduate Guide and Graduate Guide.

The acceptance rates at Hoseo University is not high for international students. International students have an average of 30% acceptance rates. However, these acceptance rates differ based on the field of study that the students pursue. If the field is competitive, the acceptance rates will be lower.

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Hoseo University charges tuition to both domestic and international students. The tuition for undergraduate students is $7,000 a year, and for graduate students, $8,000 a year. These tuition fees are heavily subsidized by various scholarships that this school offers.

Hoseo University Scholarships

This university offers many scholarships to international students to recruit them to study at their university. Undergraduate students are eligible for up to 70% tuition scholarships based on the previous GPA. Graduate students are eligible for up to 40% tuition scholarships. Also, graduate students are eligible for teaching assistantships and research assistantship which will help pay a majority of their tuition, if not all. More information can be found in Scholarships Page.


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