Officially, the University of Huddersfield has existed only since 1992. However, many institutions and learning centers which form the West Yorkshire school have a much longer history dating back to an early attempt in 1825 to form a Science and Mechanics Institute in the town of Huddersfield. In recent years, Huddersfield has proven to be one of the most accomplished universities in the United Kingdom, particularly driven by its awards and recognition for teaching excellence and business leadership. There are numerous Huddersfield University scholarships that are awarded based on international students’ abilities and origin.

Huddersfield has seven academic schools for over 19,000 enrolled students, with 14,800 undergraduates and almost 5,000 graduate students. Many of these students do receive Huddersfield University scholarships to help them pay for tuition fees. The combined university academic and support staff is roughly 2,000. While offering challenging degrees in several fields of study, one of the greatest strengths of Huddersfield University is the education and resources provided in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

Huddersfield University is split into three major geographic campuses: the main semiurban Queensgate Campus in Huddersfield, the University Campus – Oldham in Greater Manchester, and the University Campus – Barnsley in South Yorkshire. Additionally, the International Study Centre situated on the Queensgate Campus serves as an additional campus center specifically for international students. The Duke of York Entrepreneur Centre has been one of the best facilities for allowing students to learn how to build businesses and network with entrepreneurs to launch the next generation of innovators.

At £2.5m, the University of Huddersfield endowment continues to grow as more opportunities are provided to instruct many of the world’s brightest minds. With many royal connections, the school’s funding has recently been increasing to provide the best learning and research opportunities for all students.

The University is headed by its Chancellor, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, who has hosted alumni events for several key business leaders such as in China. For example, Chi Zhang is a former alumnus and successful Chinese entrepreneur whose fashion brand, Not Just A Label, has opened outlets in Paris, London, Milan, and other world’s fashion centers.

Huddersfield University Scholarships (Undergraduate, Graduate)

There are many scholarships for undergraduate and graduate international students that are available at Huddersfield University. You can view these scholarships on the scholarships page. On this page, you will see that there are multiple types of scholarships that international students are eligible for. Some are based on origin as well such as Vietnam and Myanmar. Definitely, do take a look at the scholarships page to see all the Huddersfield University scholarships that are available to you.

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International students have to follow the admissions instructions of UK students as well as those specific for international students. Also, international students do have to submit more forms than UK students. For information about application procedures and required forms, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions. You’ll see that there are separate instructions that are reserved for international students. If you do decide to apply, definitely follow the instructions.


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