We are living in a digital era, with new technologies that are made to make our lives easier, but sometimes we forget that we should be responsible. Maybe it would make more sense if we were surrounded by nature, and not by concrete, and polluted rivers. Would you like to live in a modern city, but to be able to go to nature every time you have the chance? All of us think that it is a good idea, but somehow we either have one or the other. Can you imagine a country that has 50% of its territory covered in forests? In the big cities, you have skyscrapers and many boring things can be done using an app! You can pay your bills, your scholarship, and even vote! It is possible in Estonia. And the good news is that the country has an excellent education system, and foreigners are more than welcome to study here. People from some countries need a visa for studying in Estonia, but there are counties whose citizens don’t need it. You should check if you need a visa, and then see which documents you need for admission. Many universities offer study programs in English. To prove your English proficiency, you should submit your test results (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, Cambridge English, or other.)

We will introduce you to some of the universities that have programmes in English, and the minimum IELTS band requirement is 5.5 or 6.0. It is very expensive to study Medicine here (11,000 EUR per year), or Veterinary Medicine (8,800 EUR per year), or Cyber Security Engineering (6,000 EUR per year). Other study programmes are between 3,000 EUR and 4,000 EUR per year.

IELTS Band Requirements for Estonia

1. Tallinn University

  • IELTS band requirement: minimum of 5.5

In 1919 the Tallinn Teachers’ Seminar was established, and this was the start of the long history of Tallinn University. Over the years new schools were established here, one by one, and the universities were formed. In March 2005, the education institutions, including universities, merged into Tallinn University. It now has 6 schools (faculties) and 2 colleges.

Programmes of schools include different fields: art, digital technologies, natural sciences, humanities, education, and law. In 2008, Tallinn Virtual University was created. It is a website where you can find webcasts and podcasts of lectures and seminars, materials of summer school, and conversations with guests.

In 2011, the university became a member of the Green Academic Footprint initiative of UNICA (the network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe), thus making the principles of sustainable development a part of university everyday life. Aside from that, promoting an intelligent lifestyle is the mission of the university.

2. Tallinn University of Technology

  • IELTS band requirement: minimum of 5.5

This is the only technical university in Estonia, and it is situated in Tallinn. It is a combination of different fields: technological, economic, natural, exact, and health sciences. Its programmes respond to rapid social changes and demands of the digital era. They rely on the academic competencies of their specialists with the purpose to make an innovative society in Estonia, the kind that supports sustainable development.

This university is attended by the biggest number of international students in the country. It offers 4 Bachelor’s and 15 Master’s programmes in English.

Students construct new products, like self-driving cars or TTÜ100 satellites, and they test new technologies on the campus. They often help companies find solutions for organizational and product development problems.

3. Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

  • IELTS band requirement: minimum of 5.5 for Bachelor’s studies
  • IELTS band requirement: minimum of 6.0 for Master’s studies

This is the biggest private university in the country, founded in 1992.

Its mission is to make a more entrepreneurial-minded society. It aims to match the competencies of the graduates with the needs of the companies in the Baltic region.

By providing students with innovative and open studying programmes, the university is hoping to make them responsible and caring individuals, who will change the world.

It offers Bachelor’s programmes of Start-up Entrepreneurship, Game Design and Development, Creativity and Business Innovation, Software Development and Entrepreneurship, and Master’s programme of the International Business Administration.

The university is small, but it is focused on developing the creative spirit and competencies of its students. The minimum IELTS Band required at this university in Estonia is 5.5 for Bachelors and 6.0 for Master’s.

4. University of Tartu

  • IELTS band requirement: minimum of 5.5

The University of Tartu was founded in 1631 by Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus, and it was imagined as the facility that would give the best education to its students in many different fields. It is the goal of the university even today.

There are 4 faculties at the university: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Art and Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Faculty of Science and Technology. Around 13,000 students are at the university at the moment, and around 1,200 of them are international students.

University is a member of Coimbra Group, a club of renowned research universities, which adds to the fact that it is considered one of the most important research centers in Estonia.

5. Estonian University of Life Sciences

  • IELTS band requirement: minimum of 6.0

In 2019 this university was listed by the QS World University Rankings by Subject as 51st of the top 100 universities in the world in the field of agriculture and forestry. It is recognized as an important research center since it belongs to the top 1% of the most cited research centers in the world. You can enroll at this university in Estonia by getting at least a 6.0 IELTS Band.

The university consists of 5 units: the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, the Institute of Technology (with Tartu Technical College), the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering, and the Institute of Economics and Social Sciences.

The Green University Initiative is the program developed by the university which is a way of organizing the work of the institution to follow the sustainable development principles. University is working on promoting and integrating these principles, to create a healthy learning environment and raise environmental awareness.

From what you learned about the universities in Estonia, you can see that it is a modern country, which devotes its attention to integrating innovative ways of thinking and living. It is focused on developing new technologies in the best way- a way that is serving people and their living environment. This is one of many reasons to see Estonia not only as a great place to visit but a society we can all learn a lot from. 


I hope that this article on IELTS Band Requirements for Universities in Estonia was helpful. If you are interested in studying in Europe, make sure to check out Available Programs in Europe for International Students.