Studying at a higher education institution is a great opportunity for foreign applicants to get a Diploma that is acknowledged all over Europe. To prove that we have the statistical data that shows the increase in the number of those who manage to get a position at one of the European companies with only the Diploma issued by either a Greece college or university.

All public universities in Greece are free to study at. Foreign applicants are allowed to apply to the chosen university or college at any age. The only requirement here is to finish secondary education. Besides, those who choose the program taught in English will have to prove the level of the language proficiency. As a rule, applicants are asked to provide an IELTS certificate. What are the requirements for the level of the language? Let’s see…

Greece Universities’ IELTS Band Requirements

1. National Technical University of Athens

  • Minimum IELTS score – band 6.5

The university was established back in 1837. It is included in the list of the oldest universities in Greece. It also stands out as one of the most prestigious and well-known engineering schools. The majority of the students apply to five-year educational programs. On graduation, they get a Diploma equivalent to a Master’s Degree in the fields of Engineering or Science. In total, there are 9 faculties. The university should be taken into account by those who plan to build a career in the area of engineering, architecture, applied mathematics, and physics. To enroll at this university in Greece, you need to get at least IELTS Band of 6.5.

2. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

  • Minimum IELTS score – 6.0

This is also one of the oldest universities in Greece that was founded in 1837. Throughout its history, the university was renamed several times. At first, there was a university complex named the Othonian University. It offered educational programs in the following fields: Theology, Law, Medicine, and Arts.

1904 became the turning point in the history of the university because that year the faculty of arts was divided into two separate faculties: The Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of science. The development and growth of the university complex continued with the addition of 2 new departments: the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Dentistry.

Today the university is the source of knowledge for 125,00 students. It offers a wide range of programs in the fields of law, health, political science, foreign languages, philosophy, and natural sciences.

3. Athens University of Economics and Business

  • Minimum IELTS score – band 6.5

This is one of the most prestigious universities that aims to grow competent professionals in the fields of business and economy.

This higher educational institution was founded in 1920. Back then it offered only one educational program that allowed to get a degree in economics and commerce. 35 years later, there was designed a second program. The students could choose to get either a degree in economics or a degree in business administration. The changes that followed after resulted in the division of the school into 3 departments: The Department of Economics, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Statistics and Business Information.

Today it has as many as 8 departments offering a set of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the fields of business, economics, and informatics.

4. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  • Minimum IELTS score – band 6.0

This university, named in honor of the famous philosopher Aristotle, is one of the largest universities in southeast Europe. It is one of the most highly-ranked universities in Greece that will be ideal for those who want to acquire knowledge and skills in the following areas: Engineering, exact sciences, and health sciences, philosophy, law, agriculture and forestry, education, physical education, political sciences, fine arts, and theology. The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki requires a minimum IELTS score of 6.0.

5. University of Thessaly

  • Minimum IELTS score – band 6.5

The main campus of the university is located in Volos. Three more campuses are located in Larissa, Krditsa, and Trikala. In total, the university has 4 schools offering programs in the areas of Humanities, Engineering, Agricultural Sciences and Health Sciences. 3 independent departments (Physical Education and Sports, Science and Veterinary Medicine, Economics) are also part of the university complex. 

6. University of Ioannina

  • Minimum IELTS score – band 6.5

The university was initially established as part of Aristotle University. Six years later (1970) it was officially claimed to be independent.

This university is one of the top higher education institutions in Greece. It is comprised of 7 Schools and 15 departments. It is said to provide good education in the fields of medicine, physics, mathematics, computer science, earth sciences, material science, and chemistry. 

7. University of Patras

  • Minimum IELTS score – band 6.5

The main aim that served as the foundation for the establishment of the university was to set a role-model higher-education institution the future graduates of which would be able to contribute to the society in many ways. Judging by the results of its work, it can be said that the aim was successfully achieved.

The university’s strongest points lie in the ability to constantly develop and achieve remarkable goals in terms of innovation and science. It has as many as 5 schools and 25 departments. It offers a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs for prospective students interested in foreign languages, architecture, business, chemical engineering, informatics and computer engineering, education and social work, economics, geology etc.

Even though there aren’t many public universities in Greece, the country offers a variety in terms of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral educational programs. You plan to apply to one of the universities in Greece? If so, you need to take time order to prepare for the IELTS test. Why is it so important? Because the minimum IELTS score requirement in the majority of the Greek universities is band 6.0.



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