Famously known as IIT or Illinois Tech, the Illinois Institute of Technology is one of the oldest providers of higher education in the United States. In 1940, Lewis Institute and Armour Institute merged to form this private research university. The two institutions were established in the late 19th-century and offered both professional education and engineering programs. Illinois Institute of Technology was primarily founded to teach students to have a more practical mind rather than the traditional theoretical classwork. Over the years, Illinois Tech has merged with other technical colleges to form one unique and affordable university. Find out more about the acceptance rate at the Illinois Institute of Technology in the subsequent sections of this article.

Illinois Tech’s current total enrolment stands at over 8,000 students. It is an international institution accepting students from over 93 countries. According to the latest statistics, international undergraduates and graduates account for 19% and 60% of their respective populations. IIT also supports distance learning, and currently, the program is being utilized by 9% of the students. If you are from within the state of Illinois, then you will be pleased to hear that the in-state students are the majority members (68%). The ratio of teachers to students is 1:13 and all of the lecturers are available on a full-time basis. However, on-time graduation is an area that needs urgent addressing. At the moment, only 36% of the students are awarded their degrees within the expected time.

In addition to eight colleges offering various programs, there are other affiliate research institutions associated with IIT. One has the freedom to select their preferred career path from the 48 undergrad programs available in 14 fields of study (37 majors). If you are an innovative student who would let their ideas see the light, then Illinois Tech is one of the best universities to achieve such plans. The school is best known for the innovation of barcode technology, tall building architecture, and magnetic recording. The Civil Engineering program is the most highly-rated course offered by the university. The IPRO program is designed to enable students to solve real-world problems using their innovative ideas.

This institution is widely known for its excellence in the STEM area. If you would like to join, you need to be a decent student since the acceptance rate at the Illinois Institute of Technology is 57%.

There are over 130 active clubs and organizations where one can showcase their talent and creativity. The campus also has a good number of students who are active in athletics. All students are required to live on campus for their freshman and sophomore years.

Acceptance Rate at Illinois Tech

Admission to Illinois is moderately competitive considering its reputation within the U.S. and across other 93 countries. Therefore, to stand a chance, you will have to exceed all the threshold requirements. The average acceptance rate at Illinois Tech based on recent selections is about 57%. That means only 57 students are accepted from every group of 100 applicants.

Like most U.S.-based universities and colleges, you must submit either your ACT or SAT scores. Usually, most applicants choose to submit their SAT scores, but it all depends on your performance. Your SAT score should be between 1300 and 1400 while the safe-range of ACT is 22-25. In terms of GPA, the previous successful applicants averaged 3.9.


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