IU International University of Applied Sciences Scholarships

IU International University of Applied Sciences is the largest university in Germany with over 75,000 currently enrolled students. If you are looking to advance the career path of your choice with an international degree, then IU is the place for you. Whether you are seeking a new career, looking to become a leader or just want to improve your financial situation, IU can give you what you need for a successful career. Also, scholarships up to 80% are available for students from Asia, Africa, South and Central America, India, and the Middle East!

Why IU?


IU has been accreditated unconditionally by the German Council of Humanities and Sciences and is also a state-approved university.

Post-Study Work Visa

Students have the opportunity to get an 18 month post-study work visa if they study on campus for the last semester.

Largest University in Germany

With over 70,000 students, IU is the largest university in Germany and offers excellent education for international students!

Study Full Time or Part Time

In IU, you can study either part-time or full time.

80% Scholarships Available!

Students from Asia, Africa, Central and South America, Middle East, and India are eligible to receive up to 80% scholarships from IU. Check out the scholarship page for more information!

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