When a person needs to enter a foreign country in order to work for an extended period of time, they will probably need to acquire a work visa (Verified International Stay Approval). Israel is no exception to the rule. Fortunately, we have made the process of applying for and receiving your visa considerably easier by collecting information and links that can help you all in one place. Read below if you need to know what it takes to get your Israeli work visa.

Israeli Work Visa Exceptions

Unless you are an Israeli citizen or expat, you are more than likely going to need a work visa for Israel. In fact, immigration requirements to Israel are very strict as the government discourages its citizens from hiring abroad, preferring instead to employ its own whenever possible.

Taking steps to ensure that hiring internally is the better option, the Ministry of Interior has raised fees that employers have to pay and taxes for foreign workers in an attempt to dissuade this practice. Therefore, if you’ve managed to get employment in the country, make sure that you have everything meticulously in order to ensure you are able to acquire your visa without difficulty.

What Do I Need to Have Prepared for My Visa?

The visa you will need is called a B/1 visa. Here is what you should have prepared to complete the visa application process:

  • A certificate of good conduct
  • The Ministry of the Interior’s approval
  • Employer job validation letter
  • Two photographs
  • Verification of a medical examination and birth certificate
  • Fingerprinting and photographs
  • A visa interview
  • Your valid passport and any expired passports
  • Completed the B/1 work visa form
  • Proof of flight ticket to and from Israel
  • Visa fee payments

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How To Get Your Israeli Work Visa

Follow the steps below and you can soon have your visa in hand and be ready to go!

1. Check the Status of Visa Acceptance

Due to Covid-19, many countries have halted or reduced visa acceptance. Before you proceed with any major expenditures for your journey, make sure what Israel’s current rules are for entrance into the country. You can check for status and updates here, so you will know whether you are able to get a Israeli work visa at this time or if you will need to wait until the policy changes.

2. Fill Out the B/1 Application Document

Upon receiving the formal document of employment for your job, you need to complete the application process. You can either fill this document out online and print it, or fill it out by hand using a non-black pen. It will ask you your personal information for identification and require a photo and explanation of the purpose for your trip.

3. Photographs

Two recent photographs are required, in color with a white background. They need to be 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm pictures, and make sure that your face is clear and easily visible without any distracting clothing, expressions, or background items.

4. Fingerprints and Certificate of Good Conduct

In order to enter the country, the Ministry requires verification that you are trustworthy and information about your background. This may involve a disclosure of your criminal history or other records of your behavior. You must have your birth certificate as part of your identity verification and need a certificate of police clearance that is valid for at least three years, but received during the last three months.

5. Booked Flights

You will be asked to provide evidence that you have a flight booked to Israel to get a work visa in Israel. Officials may want to see an itinerary as well. You do not need to have already purchased the ticket in case you are rejected; just be able to show that you have a reserved seat on a flight.

6. Medical Report

Schedule a doctor’s appointment so that you can get a health certificate verifying that you do not have any diseases or other health issues that are not allowed for entry into Israel. This is necessary before you can get your visa and must include hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosis, and a battery of blood tests. With the widespread magnitude of Co-vid 19, medical documentation has an added gravity as containing the spread of the pandemic is paramount.

7. Passports

Any and all passports are necessary to get a work visa for Israel. The most important one is your current one, which should be up to date and valid for at least six months after your stay is over, and it needs at least one blank page to attach the visa. Other passports include ones that are expired, special, or cancelled.

8. Work Contract

Needless to say, if you want to receive an Israeli work visa, you need to already have a job. Your employer will provide you with a contract that specifies that essential information about your work contract and will verify that you do, in fact, have a job. You will need to present this when you arrive at your visa appointment, along with your other documentation. You may need to include details about the position you will be working and what all it entails.

9. Proof of Fee Payment

Ensure that you are able to present receipts upon requirements that show that all of your required fees for visa acquisition are paid.

10. Attend a Visa Appointment and Interview

To complete the process, you need an appointment with the visa processing officials for the country in which you reside. This might be at an embassy or consulate, or possibly even another center that is designated for this event. Make sure to find out in advance so that you know where you are supposed to go and when. This appointment is where you will submit your documents and attachments.

During this appointment for Israeli work visa, an official will interview you about the purpose of your trip, information regarding your application, and other similar details relating to visa acquisition.

10. Visa Processing

Once accepted, you will need to pay the final fees and wait for your visa to be processed, which can take up to fourteen weeks. The original visa you receive will be a provisional 30-day visa, so when you arrive in Israel, you will need to apply for an extension at the Ministry of Interior.


I hope that this article on how to get a work visa in Israel was helpful. If you’re interested in studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students!