Kenyon College is a liberal arts institution that can be found in Gambier, Ohio. It was established in 1824, making it the oldest private college in the state. Kenyon College is now a thousand-acre hilltop campus that caters to over 1,600 students. At Kenyon College, one can expect a prominent literary tradition, chances to engage in scientific researches, and programs that deeply connect students to the rural community. Find out more about the acceptance rate at Kenyon College by reading this article.

Kenyon offers 33 traditional majors and 13 interdisciplinary programs which enhance learning and give students key insights which wouldn’t have been possible without taking multiple fields into account. The academic standard at Kenyon is high and they select not only the best and the brightest, but those who have a genuine love for learning. These students will be able to enjoy small class sizes, a collaborative learning environment, and very invested and skilled teachers, with 99% of tenure-track faculty holding the highest degree in their field.

Kenyon College is known in the country as “The Writers’ College”. Its literary reputation can be traced back to 1939, when the poet and critic John Crowe Ransom started the Kenyon Review, the cornerstone of Kenyon’s profound love and respect for the written word. The English-speaking world of the 1940s and ’50s knew of the Kenyon Review as the most popular and influential literary magazine of the era, featuring revolutionary work written by brave voices and Nobel Prize winners. At present time, the Kenyon Review endorses and celebrates the best in contemporary writing, sharing this with a wide diversity of readers. Do you believe this writer’s haven is the place for you? Don’t hesitate to check out the acceptance rate at Kenyon College below!

Here at Kenyon College, the traditional dovetails perfectly with the modern. The Kenyon campus is a perfect example of enduring beauty. The bulk of old stonework and the streamlined feel of contemporary glass combine beautifully to highlight a campus architecture that America considers one of its most beautiful. The school also places a great importance on diversity. It pushes for multifaceted inclusion and there are plenty of student organizations and events you can participate in. Be ready for a school year packed with a variety of cultural, social, and celebratory activities.

Kenyon College is also renowned for its athletic achievements. About 30% of Kenyon students take part in varsity athletics or intramurals. The varsity teams at Kenyon College are called the Lords and Ladies and they compete in 22 sports in the NCAA Division III, under the North Coast Athletic Conference. As of today, Kenyon holds the most national championships among all Division III institutions with 60 wins! Think you also embody the Lord and Lady Winning Spirit? Come see the acceptance rate at Kenyon College.

Acceptance Rate at Kenyon College

To get into your desired college, it would be best to check out the percentage of admission, as this will give you an idea on the school’s level of selectivity. The acceptance rate at Kenyon College is at 27%, which means it is quite difficult to get accepted.

That can be remedied by obtaining a GPA higher than 3.7 and an SAT score of 1300 to drastically improve the odds of you getting into Kenyon College.

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