Lehigh University is a research university in Bethlehem, PA. It was founded in 1865 by Asa Packer, the president of the Lehigh Valley Railroad when he provided $500,000 to build a school. Originally started to be a school dedicated to just sciences, Lehigh quickly expanded into many different areas and became a prestigious university. Now, Lehigh University scholarships are awarded to international students!

The school has a total of over 5,000 undergraduate students and 2,000 graduate students. Lehigh is partnered with 14 universities across the globe to open the school to international students. More than 1,200 students at the university are from outside the States, totaling roughly 80 countries represented in the student body. These students are taught by more than 500 full-time professors, and this number has been slowly increasing since 2012.

At Lehigh, students can study in 90 different programs and majors. The University also allows for students to combine traditionally separate fields into new multidisciplinary courses. So, students can study virtually anything at Lehigh University. These majors and programs are offered by four colleges – Arts and Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, and Engineering.

Other than these programs offered on the main campus, students can study in different places. Students can choose from the 200 annual study abroad programs that Lehigh offers. Because of these programs, over 40% of the college studies overseas.

The school is just as diverse recreationally as it is academically. Lehigh has 150+ clubs and 31 fraternities and sororities. Extracurriculars are an important part of student life at the college, with 99% of students participating in one. These activities will help students to be involved and enjoy their college life.

To afford the extensive international study programs and numerous activities on campus, Lehigh University has a $1.3 billion endowment. This money is also used to provide Lehigh University scholarships to domestic and international students. The money is managed by the Financial board which wisely invests the money for higher returns.

Many graduates of alumni have gone on to pursue successful careers in academia, sciences, medicine, and sports. Out of the 70,000 alumni, 3 have won Pulitzer Prizes and 1 Nobel Prize in chemistry. As could be seen from the success of its alumni, Lehigh University is a school that provides graduates with endless opportunities to succeed.

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Lehigh University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

International students are eligible to receive merit scholarships at Lehigh University. The official website, states that all full-time admitted students will be considered for these scholarships. You can see different kinds of merit scholarships on this page. Some of these will award full-tuition scholarships for all four years.

Undergraduate Admissions

There are many requirements that international students need to fulfill when applying to Lehigh University. These requirements include curriculum, testing, English Proficiency Scores, Advanced Placement, and transcripts. Please look at these requirements and instructions found on Admissions Page. You will need to carefully read these instructions and make sure that you haven’t missed anything.

Lehigh University Scholarships (Graduate)

Graduate students are eligible for three main types of aid. These aids are loans, departmental funding, and external funding. You can view the details on Scholarships Page. To be honest, the funding for graduate students is much better at other US institutions, where almost all Ph.D. students receive full funding and most Master’s students receive some sort of funding. So, if you want to see other US institutions’ scholarships, visit the USA Scholarships Category

Graduate Admissions

Individual graduate departments are in charge of the graduate admissions process. You need to go to the department in which you are going to study and look at the admission guides, application procedure, and required documents for that specific department. You can find all the departments of Lehigh University here.


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