Loyola University Chicago was established in 1870 by the Catholic Church in Chicago, and it is regarded as one of the most prominent institutes of higher learning owned by the Catholic Church. The University was initially named St. Ignatius College before the name was changed to Loyola in 1909. The first campus of the school is now part of the St. Ignatius College Prep after the university moved to Lakeshore as a result of the increasing population of Chicago. Loyola admitted its first female students in 1914 after the establishment of another campus Downtown. In 1966, Loyola joined a host of other Catholic universities and became fully coeducational.

Loyola offers an estimated 80 courses for undergraduates and over 100 courses for graduate students and professionals. The school has an estimated population of 16,400 students with an estimated 68% of the student population being undergraduates despite offering fewer courses to graduate courses. The school is a community for diverse cultures and backgrounds, and this can be seen from the emergence of Jo Ann Rooney as the University president in 2016 and the establishment of Arrupe College in 2015 for low-income students to access the Loyola tutoring for two years. An estimated 60% of the student population are women at the university.

The School of Law established in 1907 was the first faculty established at Loyola, and it was followed by Stritch School of Medicine a year later. Loyola is also one of the three universities in the USA that offers Religious education that leads to Priesthood.

Based on the report of the U.S. News & World Report, Loyola is currently placed at the 89th position among the universities in the USA. Loyola’s Department of History is regarded as one of the best in the country as the department has been continuously ranked amongst the best. Loyola is ranked between the 600-700th position by both Shanghai and U.S. News & World Report amongst the universities in the world.

In terms of student activities and residency, Loyola offers different dormitories for students at various levels in the university. Traditional fraternities and sororities exist on campus. The students also run the WLUW radio station which was started in the 1970s. Loyola holds the prestigious record of being the only school from Illinois to win the NCAA basketball Championship in 1965, which is the only time the school has achieved such a feat.

The Acceptance Rate At Loyola University Chicago

The acceptance rate at Loyola is very high. During the latest admission cycle, the acceptance rate was estimated to be 73%. Out of the over 22,000 freshmen that applied to Loyola, the university offered 16,000 first-year students admission, and that yielded a low enrollment rate of 16%.  Although almost 95% of the student population enjoy aid, the school fees at this institute are also high. The SAT range of students enrolled at Loyola is between 1050-1280.


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