Malaysia is a popular educational hub for 200,000 international students. The country is geographically diverse, rich in culture, and filled with UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s an attractive place to study for its affordability and high-quality standard of living.

Plus, more international students pursue their education in Malaysia since obtaining a student visa is easier compared to other countries in just three easy steps: apply online, submit documents, and wait for the visa. To live and study in the country, all you need is a Student Pass. The Student Pass has several categories: Foreigner in government/private schools, Foreigner at Public Higher Education Institutions, Foreigner at Private Higher Education Institutions/Training Centers, Foreigner in language centers, and Holder of dependent pass (Expatriate).

If you’re an aspiring student, let this guide on Malaysia student visas be your basis in your Student Pass application.

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What documents do you need to apply for a student visa in Malaysia?

The application can be done through the website of Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) or your chosen educational institution in Malaysia. Whichever option you choose to do, you will need to submit all the required documents to be eligible for a Student Pass. The required documents for all types of visas are stated on the website of EMGS.

Generally, if you’re applying for a new Student Pass application, you’ll need to obtain the following requirements:

  • one 35mm x 35mm passport size photograph with white background
  • a copy of your valid passport including the data page and all pages of visa information, observation page, and special pass
  • a copy of your offer letter or acceptance letter from your educational institution
  • copies of all your academic certificates and transcript of records
  • a completed health declaration form
  • proof of English language proficiency such as PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, CPE, and MUET
  • a signed personal bond by your school (the personal bond form can be given upon entry to Malaysia)
  • No-Objection Certificate (for students from Sudan only)
  • Letter of Eligibility (for students from Iran only)

How much money do you need for a Malaysian Student Visa?

Fees vary depending on whether you are applying for public universities, private institutions, language centers, international accredited training centers, and mobility programs. You can check the full list of fees for the Student Pass application in the downloadable forms of the EMGS website. The processing fees range from RM500 to RM1,000 or $120 to $240.

Renewal of visas costs RM140 or $33. Plus, the sticker pass and visa cost RM60 or $14. Aside from the Student Pass fees, you need to allot funds for personal bond requirements.

The amount required varies per country, ranging from RM200 to RM2,000 or S48 to $480. You can check the list of personal bond fees per country on the EMGS website. Additionally, you may need to pay for insurance packages for new and renewal applications which cost RM468 to RM978 or $112 or $235 for 12 months.

The cost of insurance varies according to package type including Etiqa Plan 1, Etiqa Plan 2, Etiqa Plan 3, Great Eastern Basic, Great Eastern Regular, Great Eastern Premium, The Pacific Silver, The Pacific Gold, and The Pacific Platinum. Moreover, other fees to watch out for are Special Pass fees (RM150 or $36) and courier charges (RM10 or $2).

Steps on Applying for a Student Visa in Malaysia

1. Get accepted at a Malaysian institution

Before applying for a Malaysian Student Pass, you need to get accepted at your school of choice and receive a formal admissions letter. You’ll be able to obtain an admissions letter once you pass and pay the necessary enrollment fees. Once you have an admissions letter, your school can begin with the Student Pass application and register your application on your behalf.

2. Apply for a Malaysian Student Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

After obtaining an admissions letter from your school, you can already apply for a student visa approval letter (VAL) via two options: the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) website or your school of choice. If you are applying via the EMGS website, you need to create an account. The account will allow you to apply for a student visa and view your application.

If your school will process the application on your behalf, you will be asked to digitally sign the application form and send the required documents.

3. Send the necessary documents

To complete your student visa application, you must obtain all the necessary documents to meet their eligibility requirements. These documents will be uploaded electronically through the EMGS website or sent to your school via email.

4. Pay the visa processing fees

Your application for a Malaysian Student Pass is processed once the required processing fees are paid. The exact amount of fees vary according to the institution, country, and type of visa.

5. Wait for the letter of approval for the student pass to be released

Through the EMGS website or your school, you will be notified and sent a letter confirming your Student Pass. Malaysian Immigration releases the Student Pass and gives it to the school you applied for, which is then sent to you. The VAL can also be given via email, which you’ll need to print out and present upon arrival in Malaysia.

The VAL processing time can take about two weeks to complete but the overall visa application process can last about four to six weeks. However, the time can be longer depending on different situations and your location. It’s important to know that the validity of the Student Pass depends on the length of study, which can be for six months to one year. However, the Student Pass is renewable for RM140 or $33.

6. Get a Student Pass sticker

After getting your VAL, your passport will be given to Malaysian Immigration. This is the step where they will place the Student Pass sticker on your passport.

7. Let your school know about your travel plans

Congratulations! You now have a Student Pass for Malaysia. Once you get the pass, you need to let your school know about your travel plans including flight number, arrival dates, airport, etc.


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