Located in Huntington, West Virginia, Marshall University is named after former (Fourth) Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall. It started as  Marshall Academy in 1837 but was later renamed Marshall College after raising its academic status to the college level. It was finally given its current name in 1961 after being elevated to university status by West Virginia Legislature. Over the years, Marshall University has grown to be one of the best universities with world-class programs. If you are interested in joining Marshall University, you will find this article on Marshall University’s acceptance rate helpful.

The current student body at the university has a total of 13,200 students with 9,500 undergraduates. Graduates and first professionals account for the remaining portion of the population. The university is an international institution and hosts more than 500 students from fifty-six foreign countries at the moment. Marshall University supports distance learning and more than 4,000 students have enrolled in these programs. Only 9% of these students hail from outside West Virginia, which is one of the reasons why the school has moderate ethnic diversity. The ratio of students to available faculty members is 19:1 and 74% of the teachers are full-time employees at the university. However, the university’s on-time graduation rate is 26%, which is way below the average.

The university consists of nine undergraduate schools offering several programs ranging from Business to Engineering. You can choose from about 120-degree programs (both graduate and undergraduate) available in these colleges. Forensic Science is an accredited program by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, making it one of about twenty such courses in the United States. Its digital forensics program, on the other hand, is the world’s first-ever course to be recognized by FEPAC. The School of Business is also reputable and is among the 1% globally to achieve dual accreditation in Business Accounting. Teacher Education Grade Specific is the best-ranked program in the school.

Marshall University’s athletics teams, including football, soccer, and basketball, are part of the NCAA Division 1. If you are not passionate about sports, you might find one or two among 230 student organizations that might interest you. In addition, a good number of students are involved in Greek life with 18 fraternities and sororities from which to choose. The school has ten residence halls that can handle both the freshmen and continuing students.

Acceptance Rate at Marshall University

There is minimal competition in the admission process of Marshall University. Based on previous cycles, the institution has an acceptance rate of about 90%. As such, 90 students in every 100 applicants are guaranteed a place in the next year’s freshman classes. Despite the high rate of acceptance, you will still need to meet certain thresholds to be considered.

On average, the incoming freshmen have an ACT score of 22.3. Therefore, if you choose to submit these results, make sure your points tally with this statistic. On the other hand, those planning to hand in their SAT scores should have around 1130 points. Other requirements for applying to Marshall University are a GPA of at least 3.5 and a $50 nonrefundable fee.


I hope that this article on the acceptance rate at Marshall University was helpful. To find out more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.