Malaysia is becoming one of the most favorite destinations for international students for many reasons. First of all, Malaysia offers a high-end education that is delivered with modern technology. Another big plus for education is the language because most classes are available in English. Malaysia is also considered to be very safe and most of all extremely budget-friendly, as the prices for tuition and living are accommodating to everyone.

The government of this beautiful country sees the value of higher education, thus Malaysia is redirecting a lot of money to universities and hospitals. This means they are working hard on improving the quality of education as well as keeping the doors open to international students and partnerships. In this article, we will be looking at the best medical schools in Malaysia.

Can international students enroll in medical schools in Malaysia?

Yes, according to the official site of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia international students are able to enroll in medical schools in Malaysia. This country is working very hard on keeping the international students in the country and increasing the number of new students.

It’s very easy to understand the popularity of this location. Once you realize that prices are extremely low, education very high-quality, and travel opportunities are endless, it’s amazing how Malaysia stayed off the maps for so long. In the last decade, they have been on the top of the lists for medical universities and most classes are now available in English.

What is the medical curriculum like in medical schools in Malaysia?

It takes five years to finish medical school in Malaysia and get your Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) degree according to the University of Malaya site. Education in Malaysia is divided into academic and clinical, with the ability to be part of the research and elective placements.

Medical education in Malaysia is focused on getting actual practical experience, and the clinical part of education is more valued. Universities there are trying to make well-rounded, informed, competent, and compassionate doctors that will improve the health of the nation as a whole, not just individuals.

Best Medical Schools in Malaysia

1. University of Malaya

The University of Malaya was established in 1905 and represents one of the most popular universities in Malaysia. Located in Kuala Lumpur, officially the city with the lowest prices for students, it comes as no surprise as to why this university is on the rise.

The medical faculty at the University of Malaya is the best medical school in Malaysia and is unique because they have a dedicated teaching hospital with over 1,000 beds. This provides the students with an amazing opportunity to learn from the best doctors and prepare for future jobs. The multicultural environment and international partnerships make it easier for foreign students to fit in.

2. International Medical University

International Medical University is a private university established in 1992. Focusing only on medical science and complementary sciences, this university is different from all the others, making it very popular among students.

Classes are performed in the English language, and this top medical school in Malaysia has a lot of international partnerships with universities in Australia, China, England, and more. The goal is to be part of international education and be able to send students to other countries to acquire knowledge.

This university also has a specialized program named IMU Cares where students are learning how to serve the community as future doctors. They learn about communication, decision-making, and compassion needed for this unique job.

3. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

The University Kebangsaan Malaysia was established in 1970, and the medical faculty was founded after two years in 1972. Since then, this is one of the most pristine universities in Malaysia with over 15,000 students and over 1,300 of them are international.

The medical curriculum lasts for 5 years, and it’s divided into two years of pre-clinical education where students are getting familiar with the basics of medical science. After that, there is a year-long intermediate stage of junior clinical clerkship followed by two more years of the senior medical clerkship. This university also has a teaching hospital, University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC) where students are learning about the clinical and hands-on part of the education process.

4. Universiti Sains Malaysia

The University Sains Malaysia, one of the top medical universities in Malaysia, was the second one that was established in the country in the year 1969, and one of the largest ones too. This university has the only Accelerated Programs for Excellence (APEX) government-funded autonomous university in Malaysia.

There are three campuses and the Kelantan Malaysia campus houses the medical department and hospital. Located in the famous food capital of Malaysia, Penang, this university offers not only premium education but also the opportunity to explore Malaysian culture and natural beauties.

5. Universiti Malaysia Sabah

The University of Malaysia Sabah was established in 1994, and the faculty of medicine in 2003, as a response to higher demands for doctors and medical personnel in that part of the country. This top medical school in Malaysia is one of the younger ones which makes it even more popular as they are trying even harder to create a unique education system.

A medical degree is achieved after five years of study, and like most universities in Malaysia, this one also promotes clinical education. Years 3 to 5 are dedicated to internships and hospital rotations where students can learn about practical things and show what they learned in the academic portion of education.


To recap, if Malaysia was not on your list of potential countries where you can study and get your MBBS, then you should consider a few things. This is a country on the rise, with amazing opportunities to get high-quality education for prices that no other country can match. Climate is mild and easy to get used to, and language is not considered a barrier since most universities have classes in English. If that is not enough, Malaysia also offers amazing traveling opportunities, with endless sandy beaches and one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. This multicultural country will feel like home to most students and ensure that they are there to stay.


I hope that this article on the best medical schools in Malaysia was helpful. To know more information like this, check out the Available Programs for International Students.