If you are after a university which will provide you with opportunities and resources to advance your academic discipline, then Miami University should be one of your choices. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Miami University.

This is a public university which focuses on academic research and scholarship activities. Located in Oxford, Ohio, this university has been hailed as one of the “Best Values in Public Colleges” by Kiplinger – the first US personal finance magazine.

As a public research institution, Miami University – or more commonly known as Miami of Ohio – maintains a strong relationship between the students and its faculty members. Commonly known as Miami of Ohio or just simply Miami, this university maintains a strong fusion between its advanced academic programs and the institution’s personal focus on its students.

In 1795, the late President George Washington signed an ordinance that led to the establishment of Miami University. Later in 1809, Miami was chartered and soon opened its halls to its pioneering batch of students in 1824. This historical foundation made Miami as one of the nation’s oldest public universities.

As expected, the reputation of Miami of Ohio became prevalent. Soon, its enrollees increased and eventually its students made a difference both nationally and internationally. Later, it has been tagged as the “Yale of the West” due to the popularity of its liberal arts program.

After more than two centuries since the historical ordinance, Miami of Ohio has transformed and evolved into one of the best 21st century-international universities of the country. Indeed, Miami University has become a role model of public higher education.

Currently, Miami has always ranked among the country’s top public universities. After all, the quality of students, faculty members, and academic programs of Miami is top-notch! If you would want to attend this excellent university, it is easier than expected since the Miami University’s acceptance rate is 68%.

As part of Miami University’s culture of strong academic research and intellectual development, this university offers various residential, local, and international programs which enhance students’ character values. These activities focus on leadership, awareness, and camaraderie.

Along with these invaluable student experiences, Miami is also composed of remarkable sets of faculty members who are passionate about student mentorship. Recently in the 2019 U.S. News & World Report rankings, Miami University ranked 3rd under the category “Strong Commitment to Undergraduate Teaching” among the 3,500 colleges and universities in the United States. Indeed, this university trait paved the way to its strong alumni network – the “Miami Family.”

Miami University has an annual enrollment of 16,000 college students, not to mention those who are enrolled in certificate, post-graduate, and doctorate programs.  Of its academic courses, the most popular majors are Liberal Arts, Public Relations, Marketing, and Finance.

Acceptance rate at Miami University

Compared to other universities, the admission standards in Miami University is not very competitive. Its acceptance rate at Miami University is 68 percent. Nonetheless, you still have more than 50 percent chance of getting into this university.

For that, you should get an SAT score of 1190 to 1390 and ACT score around 26 to 31.

Therefore, if you are passionate about research and intellectual development, there is no reason not to go after Miami University.


I hope that this article on Miami University’s acceptance rate was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.