If science and technology excite you more than anything else, so will Missouri S&T. After all, if you want to become a well-known mathematician or a space engineer in the future, this university can definitely help you carve your path towards your dreams. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Missouri S&T.

Missouri University of Science and Technology or Missouri S&T is a top-notch public university that is best known for its high caliber in engineering, mathematics, and sciences programs. Located in Rolla, Missouri, this academic institution is recognized by USA Today as the 3rd best place to get your engineering degree in the United States. Also, both its master’s and doctorate programs in engineer are among the top in the country.

In 1870, Missouri S&T was founded in compliance with the Morrill Act of 1862 which calls for the establishment of both scientific and practical education in the country. Thus, this institution became the first technological institution on the west of the Mississippi, and among the first in the United States.

For 50 years since its foundation, Missouri University of Science and Technology slowly expanded both in its enrollment and as an academic institution. Soon, it evolved into a university that specializes in engineering and other scientific programs, together with particular degrees under the liberal arts.

Today, Missouri S&T is well-received as one of the nation’s best technological research universities. Also, it is the 15th smartest public college among all the public universities and colleges in the United States. Many students who want to attend this excellent institution can attend since the acceptance rate at Missouri University of Science and Technology is high.

As a learning institution, this university strives to become the leading university for technological advancement and creativity. To achieve that, they strengthen the integration between learning, theoretical research, and hands-on application. With these together, students were given the opportunity to successfully solve not only the problems we encounter today but also those that are yet to come.

Missouri University of Science and Technology offers 99-degree programs in over 40 diverse fields of study. Although this university takes the name Science and Technology, it nonetheless offers several majors under arts and business.

Among its popular programs are Engineering (Civil and Mechanical), Information Science, and Applied Mathematics. Also, it is also acknowledged to have the best Secondary Teacher Education Program.

Missouri S&T, as a mid-sized university, caters only to more than 6,100 undergraduate students. This university also maintains a mid-sized learning classroom of 19:1. Most Missouri S&T students are also actively involved in at least 1 of the over 200 student organizations recognized by Missouri S&T.

As a community of science and technology, this institution holds its alumni networks close. Thus, getting admitted to this university also means having the chance to be acquainted with Missouri S&T’s notable alumni. And ultimately, become one of them.

Acceptance Rate at Missouri S&T

Despite being a top-rated public university, the acceptance rate of 84% in Missouri University of Science and Technology is relatively high. Applicants are, however, expected to have an SAT score of 1110 to 1340 and an ACT score of 25 to 31.

If you have these, then you have nothing else to do but to pursue your passion with Missouri University of Science and Technology.


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