Mokpo National University is one of the national universities in Korea and is located in Mokpo, South Korea. This is a strategic city located in the South Jeolla Province of South Korea. Also, this city is near Gwangju, a huge city with a history of revolution against the Korean government in the 1980s. It is part of national universities in Korea, which are the same equivalent as state universities in the US.

Mokpo National University was founded in 1947. It is home to 10,000 undergraduate students and 1,200 graduate students taught by 300 professors. There is a total of 550 international students on this campus also. There are many facilities such as recreational, library, dormitory, and gymnasium to nurture student life. Since its founding, Mokpo National University offers fabulous academics to international students and is now the principal university in its province.

This university’s goal is to foster the future minds of the world by leading the regional development of South Korea and focusing on students from the regions to be global minds. In order to do this, Mokpo National University strives to become one of the best universities in South Korea and in Southern Asia as well.

Admissions and Acceptance Rates

Mokpo National University is not competitive for international students. If you do apply, you should get in with no problem. The admission rate of this university is 50%-70% for international students, and students can apply for admissions at their homepage.

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Mokpo National University Tuition

Mokpo National University tuition is very affordable for international students. For an entire year, the tuition fee is $4,000 for undergraduate students and $4,500 a year for graduate students. Also, room and board are very inexpensive if you choose to live in the dormitory.

Mokpo National University Scholarships

For undergraduate students, there are many scholarships available for international students. If you score above 3 in the TOPIK test, students can get the entire amount of school support fees which includes tuition. Also, scholarships are available according to your GPA, but all international students are eligible for full-tuition scholarships. If you want more information, visit Mokpo National University Scholarships Page.

There are many scholarships for graduate students also. Graduate students are eligible for stipends by working in the departments and also are eligible for full-tuition scholarships based on GPA. If you want more information, visit Graduate Scholarships Page.


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