Founded in the year 1948 in South Korea, Myongji University is a private as well as a Christian university. It is in the fields of sciences, engineering, and humanities that this prestigious university offers higher education. There are two campuses that this university has. One is the Natural Science Campus and the other is the Social Science Campus. While the first is located in Yongin, the latter is located in Seoul. This is a huge university having 42 departments, 10 colleges, 8 specialized postgraduate programs, and 7 faculties.

To be precise, Myongji University is all about top-notch facilities, world-class education, and an amazing global campus university. If you want to build your career, Myongji University is the name. Since its establishment, it has succeeded in producing about 100,000 acting intellectuals. The students, who have studied in this Korean university and passed, have contributed to Korean as well as global development. This university teaches love and creation and at present, they are having an exchange with 150 universities that are there in 22 countries. That’s definitely a great achievement.

Myongji University has top-quality faculty, cutting-edge facilities, an exciting curriculum, and lots of facilities for students so that they can give their best. The features of education in Myongji University include –

  • The best architecture educational facility in Korea
  • Engineering and administration colleges
  • Excellent departments
  • Top accreditation
  • General academic information center that is Future-oriented
  • World-class experimental center
  • Research installation that is nature-friendly
  • Eco-friendly energy that is utilized actively

This campus is famous for practicing low-carbon green growth. This university has not only conserved internal energy as well as resources by making use of eco-friendly energy but also has taken part in the Gyeonggi Green Campus Council and became the foothold for green growth. Myongji University can be considered as the eco-friendly University of the 21st century, as it has won the Green Campus Contest of the Korean Environment Corporation. The main focus of Myongji University is to be a prestigious institution beyond Korea and be a global name. They will always keep going by cultivating development. They are all set to make the meaning of their name true. Myongji refers to the genuine knowledge that has the power to light up the world. They strive to be the educational place that is sure to make the career dreams of the students true.

Because it is a prestigious university in Korea, Myongji University is a higher-ranked university in Korea. UniRank has ranked it to be 27th in Korea, and Top University has ranked it to be 301st-350th university in Asia. While these rankings are not super high, the rankings are still decent considering the fact that there are thousands of universities in Asia. As mentioned before, there are many facilities that are excellent including their architecture program.

Myongji University Admission

So, do you want to study at Myongji University? If so, then you need to apply. This university has provided clear application instruction to international students. To access these instructions, visit the Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Page. These guides will help you in your application process by providing you with the application procedure, requirements, and deadlines.

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As a private institution, the university’s fee is not the cheapest in Korea. The Myongji University tuition fee for undergraduate students is $9,000 per year, and for graduate students, it is $11,000 per year. Of course, students can be eligible for scholarships based on their academic merit


As an international undergraduate student, those who are entering are eligible to receive a 40% tuition waiver, 1 semester of the dormitory, and a living allowance of $400 for one semester. After the first semester, students are eligible for full-tuition scholarships based on their previous semester’s GPA.

For graduate students, scholarships are available for those who are model students, those who work with a professor on a research project, or those who are teaching assistants. You should note that the link that I am providing for graduate scholarships is from 2011, and if you want current information, please contact the Myongji University international admission office. Also, the link for the undergraduate students is the homepage, and you would have to click undergraduate admissions for scholarships information. For more information about these scholarships, visit the Undergraduate Scholarships and Graduate Scholarships Page.


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I hope this article on Myongji University was helpful. To know more information about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.