This article will discuss the acceptance rate at North Carolina State University, a useful metric for prospective students. We will also be discussing the history and the current academics of this excellent university.

North Carolina State University, commonly referred to as NC State or NCSU was founded in 1887 and is the largest college in the Carolinas. NC State is a public research university and one of the 17 universities in the University of North Carolina system. They are land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant institutions. North Carolina State University is the 80th best university in the country according to the US News & World Report’s America’s Best Colleges 2019.

Total undergraduate enrollment for NC State is 24,150. 55 percent of students are male and 45 percent are female. 72 percent of students are white, 6 percent are black, and 22 percent are other races. 13 percent of their student body are international students.

NC State is located in urban Raleigh, North Carolina, and has a campus size of 2,112 acres. Raleigh is a city of half a million residents with much to offer in terms of cultural activities and employment opportunities after graduation. Freshmen are required to live on campus in one of 19 residence halls. Overall, 61 percent of students live off-campus and 39 percent live on campus or in college-affiliated housing. A majority of students live off-campus, with 39 percent living in college-owned housing.

NC State utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. The university offers 106 majors for undergraduates and 104 master’s degree options. Some of their most popular academic programs for undergraduate and graduate study are engineering, agricultural and life sciences, and management. Their student-faculty ratio is 13:1 and 36 percent of their classes have less than 20 students. The freshman retention rate, commonly used to measure student satisfaction, is 94 percent. If you want to attend, you will need to get accepted, which would not be that difficult due to the relatively high acceptance rate at NC State.

Nearly 600 clubs and organizations are active on campus. Students have a variety of leisure and cultural activities to choose from on-campus and in the greater Raleigh community. NC State has a large Greek community with 50 fraternities and sororities and 13 percent of the student body participating. The university operates multiple student-run media outlets, including the daily newspaper Technician, weekly African American newspaper Nubian Message, and radio station WKNC.

With a deep-rooted sports culture and dedicated fan base, the NC State “Wolfpack” is made up of 23 varsity athletic programs. NC State is an NCAA Division I team competing in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Acceptance Rate at North Carolina State University

In-state tuition and fees for NC State are $9,101 and out-of-state tuition and fees are $28,444 based on the 2018-19 school year. 48 percent of full-time undergraduate students receive a need-based financial aid award, with the average scholarship being $9,974. NC State’s endowment is $1.5 billion.

NC State is a “more selective” university, and the acceptance rate at North Carolina State University is 51 percent. Their 2019 freshman class had an average high school GPA of 3.44, an average SAT score of 1344, and an average ACT score of 29. Applicants to NC State are required to apply to a specific college of study, which also must accept them as a student, making some programs more competitive than others. Applications are due on January 15 of each year.


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