Northern Illinois University is a research-driven public institution that is found in the small town of De Kalb, Illinois. Its beginnings can be traced back to 1895 when it was first chartered. It currently has over 100 undergraduate course offerings and over 17,000 students as of Fall 2018. Though NIU can give you a huge university lifestyle, it makes it a point to take a more focused and small-school approach when it comes to learning and interaction. Professors and fellow students are very welcoming and make it easy to feel at home at NIU. There are also plenty of residence halls on campus that can add comfort and convenience to your stay at the university. This article will discuss the acceptance rate at Northern Illinois University.

Whatever culture or socioeconomic backdrop you come from, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have the hunger and passion for change, you will be valued and given excellent mentorship at NIU. With a student-faculty ratio of 14:1, the professors don’t only teach theory and course, they actually level with their students and show genuine interest in their learning and well-being.

Work or play, student-athletes, and sports enthusiasts can easily access NIU’s state-of-the-art sports facilities like their huge football stadium, the NIU soccer and track complex, and of course, the NIU Convocation Center where they hold a basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics events.

The athletics teams at Northern Illinois University are known as the Huskies. They participate in the NCAA under the Division I Mid-American Conference. Thinking about becoming a Huskie yourself? Continue reading this article and you’ll soon find out the acceptance rate at Northern Illinois University. Think NIU is the fit for you? Read the last section below to see the acceptance rate at Northern Illinois University.

At NIU, they don’t just hit the books, they take the text and test it in reality. The school, along with its world-class faculty, promotes hands-on learning and involving its students right from the get-go. There are about 320 student organizations that hold fun and meaningful activities, making sure your NIU experience is vibrant and colorful so expect your freshman year to be packed with enriching passion projects!

The culture and people forming this NIU community are what inspire impact and transformative change. Being a part of Huskie Country is all about pushing forward for a brighter future for everyone.

Acceptance Rate at Northern Illinois University

NIU has attracted many students from across the state and even the world. With all that competition, it is moderately difficult to make it into the university. The acceptance rate at Northern Illinois University is at 54%, giving one an almost 50:50 chance of getting in. Try reaching a GPA above 3.3 and scoring 1180 on the SATs to increase your leverage against other applicants.


So there you go, the acceptance rate at Northern Illinois University. Hopefully, this article gave you a clear picture of what NIU is looking for in its applicants. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.