The Ohio State University, commonly referred to as OSU, is a public research university based in Columbus, Ohio. It was originally founded in 1870 as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College and has since evolved into one of the most important educational institutions in the state of Ohio.

There are more than 200 undergraduate majors being offered at OSU, and students can also participate in nontraditional education with the Personalized Study Program where students choose the subjects that they want to study. OSU is one of the strongest collegiate sports programs, particularly in basketball and football, competing in the NCAA Division I. In this article, we will be looking at the Ohio State University scholarships for international students.

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International Students

In recent years, the number of international students at OSU has skyrocketed, hitting an all-time high in 2018. Currently, there are around 6,500 international students, making up 10% of the total student population.

The Office of International Affairs is there to support international students attending OSU with all of the challenges that they may be facing, whether it’s handling of documentation, visa applications, or studies-related matters. There are also thousands of clubs and groups that international students can join to feel at home and connect with their colleagues.

Tuition Fee at Ohio State University for International Students

As is the case with most other American university, the Ohio State University is very expensive. Non-residents are required to pay a tuition fee of $33,500 per year to attend the university. This figure is only for tuition and doesn’t take into account accommodation and other expenses.

As a rule of thumb, an international student needs to have around $55,000 each year to be able to afford this university. You can find more information about tuition and other fees at OSU on the following link.

International Admissions Guide

Before starting the admission process, undergraduate applicants first need to sign up and take the SAT and ACT. When signing up, applicants should state that they want their results to be sent to Ohio State. Alternatively, applicants can request the results to be sent after they have taken the tests by paying a fee. It is very important that applicants meet all of the deadlines when submitting their documents. You can find the deadlines here. The documents are sent through the Common Application which opens in August and is available until the application deadline.

Applying for a master’s or doctorate program can be a little different, and students should look at the admission process for each graduate program at OSU.

Application Fee

The nonrefundable application fee for OSU is $30, which has to be paid for the application to be taken into account.

Admissions Requirements at Ohio State University for International Students

The admission requirements and criteria vary from program to program. The basic requirements for all programs are a minimum of 3.0 GPA for undergraduate applicants and a 4-year undergraduate degree for graduate applicants. Undergraduate applicants have to take the SA and ACT tests. All applications are individually reviewed to ensure that all of the minimum requirements are met, before going further with the process of determining the eligibility of the applicant. Applicants are also required to show proof of financial support to ensure that they can financially take on the burden of studying at a foreign university.

International applicants are also required to have proof of their proficiency in the English language. Accepted exams are TOEFL and IELTS. The minimum scores on these exams can also vary depending on the program you’re applying for. Students coming from an English-speaking country are exempt from this requirement. Upon being accepted, all international students are required to take the ESL Composition Placement Test.


OSU is the 53rd best overall university in the country according to the US News World University Rankings. When it comes to public universities, it is ranked within the top 20. OSU is one of the world’s best universities in a few subjects, including biology, agriculture, accounting, supply chain management, and other subjects.

Acceptance Rate

Despite being a top school, the acceptance rate at OSU is rather high at 53%. However, it is also worth mentioning that this is not an official statistic from the school, but it is estimated. The reason why it is higher compared to other top-ranked schools in the country is because OSU only requires a 3.0 GPA for undergraduate applicants.

Ohio State University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Special scholarships

International undergraduate students can be eligible for hundreds of scholarships with different criteria. To find an Ohio University scholarship for international students, the student needs to complete the OSU ScholarshipUniverse application. This application has to be completed with a login and password, which the students receive after applying for admission.

2. Departmental scholarships

In addition to Special Scholarship Applications, international students can also look for Ohio University scholarships directly with their departments. Nearly all departments and colleges offer their own scholarships with different criteria. Students can find more about these scholarships by contacting directly with their home department.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Fellowships

Fellowships are financial awards given to students based on academic merit determined through university-wide competitions, without taking into account a student’s financial needs. Fellows are not required to complete a service in exchange for the stipend.

There are many different types of Ohio University scholarships for graduate international students, with the most prestigious one being the Presidential Fellowship. Each of the fellowships has different criteria that students need to meet to be able to receive it. Aside from being expected to uphold the code of ethics in their field of work, fellows are also expected to maintain their academic standing.

2. Graduate Assistantships

Graduate associateships are an excellent Ohio State University scholarship for graduate students to gain some experience in their field by working in a university unit, while also receiving payment for tuition and other fees, as well as a stipend. There are three types of assistantships: graduate teaching associate, graduate research associate and graduate administrative associate.

Students should begin their search for an assistantships with their home department, but they are also allowed to work in other departments as well. Associateship appointments are demonstrated in percentage. A 50% appointment means that the student will have to work for at least 20 hours per week while receiving a full tuition fee waiver. A 25% appointment requires the student to work for 10 hours per week in exchange for an authorization that covers half of all tuition and fees.


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