PhD Scholarships in Canada for International Students

PhD Scholarships in Canada

Here is the list of scholarships that are available for PhD international students who are wishing to study in Canada. Browse through these scholarships and see the application procedure, scholarship link, application form, and other important information. Good luck!

I want to highlight this scholarship. This scholarships are given by the government of Canada to attract highly skilled scholars in various fields. The scholarship award is $50,000 a year for the entire duration of PhD degree. Over 500 scholars receive this scholarships at a given time, so make sure to apply!

Please Note:

I would highly recommend applying to universities that are not just in Canada. Universities in Canada are harder to get accepted to in general than other universities around the world. If you would like to browse scholarship opportunities in other countries, go to PhD Scholarship Page. If you want to see undergraduate or Master’s scholarships in Canada, I recommend going to Canada Scholarship Page.