Pusan National University (PNU) was established in 1946 and is now known as a reputable public university around the world. It is located in Busan, the second-largest city in Korea. PNU has been a top player in education, being ranked among the top universities based on international rankings. In partnership with 529 well-known institutions, the university has several student exchange programs in 58 countries globally.

As of 2021, there are about 37,000 students across undergraduate and graduate levels and approximately 3,000 professors, 16 undergraduate colleges, and nine graduate schools. PNU has four campuses: Busan Campus, Yangsan Campus, Miryang Campus, and Ami Campus. In this article, we will be looking at Pusan National University Scholarships for international students.

International Students at Pusan National University

The total number of international students at Pusan National University is about 2,186. There are around 188 Ph.D. students, 596 master’s students, and 587 bachelor students. International students have the opportunity to be granted scholarships, have access to dormitories, and obtain Korean language courses.

As an international student, you will have a mobile student card and a mobile library card. Moreover, you are able to use the PNU Libraries, shuttle buses, sports center, and many more. Lastly, PNU also has programs and organizations you can join to such as PNU Buddy Program, Student Club, cultural events, and festivals.

Starting at PNU as an international student first entails having an Orientation Day to talk about class registration, immigration, dormitory life, campus facilities, and other important information. For more support, you can refer to their Student Support System where you can check your student number, English handbook, curriculum, academic and scholarship-related guidelines, and more.

As part of student life, PNU offers academic support programs for international students. Among this support, programs are tutoring programs, the Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK) Preparation Course, Korean language course, and Thesis program.

To read more detailed information about the life of an international student, you can download their 2021 International Student Brochure as an English PDF file.

Tuition Fee at Pusan National University for International Students

Depending on the course, the tuition fee for undergraduate students can range from KRW 1,810,000 (approx. USD 1,600) to a maximum of KRW 2,559,000 (approx. USD 2,260) per semester. Departments and colleges that cost KRW 1,810,000 are College of Humanities, Department of Public Administration, Department of Political Science and Diplomacy, Department of Sociology, College of Business Administration, College of Economics & International Trade, and Department of Food and Resource Economics.

Courses that cost KRW 2,559,000 are from the Department of Bio-Industrial Machinery Engineering, Department of Applied Information Technology and Engineering, Department of Bioenvironmental Energy, Department of Landscape Architecture, School of BioMedical Convergence Engineering, School of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and College of Engineering.

For graduate levels, the tuition fee for graduate students is between KRW 2,490,000 (approx. USD 2,200) and KRW 4,920,000 (approx. USD 4,236) per semester. College of Humanities costs a minimum of KRW 2,490,000 and College of Medical costs KRW 4,920,000. For other colleges, the cost is in between those numbers.

International Admissions Guide at Pusan National University

To learn about the admission procedure, you can visit the Undergraduate Admissions Guide for Int’l Students where you will be informed about the application schedule, units of selection, admissions quotas, qualifications, required documents, selection method, online application, application fee, and other information. The guide is downloadable in PDF files and can be read in Korean, English, and Chinese. For graduate students, you can download and refer to the Graduate Admissions Guide for International Students.

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Application Fee at Pusan National University

The application fee for both international undergraduate and graduate students is KRW 90,000 or USD 80. Failure to pay the application fee would result in a rejected application. Once the fee is paid, it cannot be refunded or canceled.

Admissions Requirements at Pusan National University for International Students

Undergraduate students who wish to enroll in the university should follow certain qualifications such as being a non-Korean citizen and a high school graduate. Moreover, a language proficiency certificate such as a TOPIK Level 4, TOEFL PBT 550, IELTS score 5.5, and NEW TEPS 326 should be presented, depending on the course. As for the documents, among the general requirements are a certificate of nationality and identity, transcripts, proof of language proficiency, study plan, bank certificate, and portfolio.

For graduate students, among the basic qualifications to be eligible is to be a native-born foreigner, be a college graduate if applying for a master’s, have a master’s degree if applying for a Ph.D., and obtain language requirements such as TOPIK Level 3, TOEFL PBT 550, IELTS 5.5, TEPS 600 and TOEIC 675. Similar to the undergraduate documents, you are required to submit your transcripts, school certificates, recommendation letters, certificate of language proficiency, research achievements, and certificate of finance.

Pusan National University Rankings

PNU has been ranked 801–1000th at the World University Rankings 2021, 401–600th at the Impact Rankings 2020, and 154th at the Asia University Rankings in 2020. According to their International Fact & Figures page, PNU is recognized as the top university for Shipbuilding, Automobiles, and Machines by the Korean Council for University Education and the Ministry of Education. Moreover, they have been known to produce the most number of CEOs (31) in 2013.

Pusan National University Acceptance Rate

It is considered relatively easier for international students to be accepted at PNU. The acceptance rate is higher for international students compared to their estimated normal acceptance rate of 25%.

Pusan National University Scholarships for International Students

Pusan National University Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Entrance Scholarship (For 1st semester)

Students are given Pusan National University scholarships for international students in the first semester according to the achieved TOPIK level. For TOPIK level 4, a 30% tuition waiver is granted, a 70% tuition waiver for TOPIK level 5, and a 100% tuition waiver for TOPIK level 6.

2. Academic Performance Scholarship (From 2nd semester)

The scholarship amount is determined depending on your GPA. This is only given to students with an average GPA of 2.5 or higher in the last semester and for those who completed 12 credits.

If you want to learn more about other Pusan National University scholarships available for undergraduate international students, you can read it on their scholarship page.

Pusan National University Graduate Scholarships

1. Entrance Scholarship (For 1st semester)

For new graduate students applying, you are given about 40% tuition scholarships at Pusan National University if you achieved a TOPIK level 4 or any of the following English Proficiency level: TOEFL(PBT 550, CBT 210, iBT 80), IELTS 5.5, TEPS 600, and TOEIC 675 or higher. If you are alumni of PNU, about 80% tuition waiver is granted,

2. Academic Performance Scholarship (From 2nd semester)

Depending on your acquired GPA from the last semester, you are eligible for a 100%, 80%, 40%, 20% scholarship at Pusan National University for the next semester. Moreover, you are granted a 40% tuition waiver if your GPA is higher than 3.7. If you are a full-time student enrolled in a Social Enterprise course, you can attain a full two-year scholarship for Tuition I and Tuition II.

If you wish to find out more about other graduate scholarships available at Pusan National University, you can read it on the scholarship page of PNU International Graduate Admissions.


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