Revolutionizing undergraduate education, Quest University opened in 2007 through Dr. David Strangway’s vision. It is a liberal arts and sciences university in Squamish, in British Columbia, Canada. Its unique curriculum consists of only one degree, the Bachelor of Arts and Science, encompassing multiple study interests. Moreover, it uses Blocks instead of semesters, and students write personalized questions at the beginning of their studies instead of choosing a major. Students also work on a Keystone project instead of a thesis as a degree completion requirement.

The university currently enrolls over 600 students, with a maximum of 20 students in each class. Its campus sits at a 60-acre hilltop and includes an academic building and RecPlex building with gym and sports facilities. In this article, you will learn the admission and Quest University scholarships to international students to get you started on your study at one of Canada’s most beautiful campuses.

International Students at Quest University

Over 90 international students at Quest University make up 10 to 15% of the student body, representing 40 countries. The university aims to build diversity and support global citizens through its international students by providing essential services. Some of these are the international student orientation, intercultural student discussion groups, and cultural events and celebrations.

Moreover, international students also receive assistance on matters relating to their academic life and personal well-being. These include the Health Insurance Plan, Squamish Host Family Program, study permits, visa assistance, and income tax support. An international student advisor also helps students address academic and life adjustment issues.

Along with the domestic students, international students may also receive career services to help them develop additional skills and find new interests during their stay at Quest University. Some of the benefits include career counseling and advising, one-on-one support and workshops in job searching and application skills, and one-to-one guidance for graduate school applications.

Tuition Fee at Quest for International Students

Studying at Quest University costs $27,900 per year or eight Blocks. Each Block means studying only one subject for three and half weeks. Besides tuition, there are essential costs that international students need to prepare for, such as accommodation, an unlimited meal plan, books, medical insurance, Student Association Fee, and personal travel costs. International students must also prepare for spending money as they are required to have a tablet or a laptop computer during their study at the university. Other non-essentials fees include vehicle parking and registration, experiential learning, and field courses. Furthermore, it is essential to note that some taxes may be due on your tuition fees, scholarship, or bursary. In this case, you might also be eligible to file for an educational tax benefit claim.

International Admissions Guide at Quest University

At Quest University, international students follow the same admissions steps as the Canadian applicants. The process starts with completing an application through Quest’s application portal or the Common portal. Upon completing the online application, applicants will receive an email containing the login details for SquareOne, the university dashboard for applicants, and the requirements checklist. After completing the required documents, applicants may submit by uploading the files to their SquareOne account. The SquareOne portal can help you track your submitted and pending requirements. Ensure that all requirements listed in your SquareOne account have a green checkmark, indicating successful receipt by the university.

Aside from SquareOne, applicants may also submit their documents through email, mail, or fax. After the university reviews the completed requirements, selected applicants at this application stage will receive an interview invitation, either by phone or video. After the interview, applicants may wait for the university’s admission decision to start the registration process. For reference, you can find the admissions guide here.

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Application Fee at Quest University

The application fee at Quest University is $20.

Admissions Requirements at Quest University for International Students

Though the admission process is the same for international and domestic applicants, international students might need to submit additional requirements depending on their country of origin. For example, applicants from China must have the minimum standards of Senior High School (Upper Middle School) Graduation Diploma, Academic Proficiency Test/Upper Middle School Graduation (Hui Kao) Exam, and Chinese National University Entrance Examinations (Gao Kao).

As proof of successful completion of previous education, applicants must provide their most recent secondary school transcripts. Moreover, international applicants must submit a long and short essay and complete their scholarship or bursary application. Meanwhile, international applicants might also need to prove English Language Proficiency through TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo Language Test results.

There are also optional documents that international applicants may provide to increase their chances of getting accepted to the university. These include their SAT or ACT scores, recommendation letters, and a resume of the applicant’s achievements. If you have an original project that demonstrates your skills and interests, such as portfolio, artwork, videos, or research projects, you may also include those in your application.

Quest University Rankings

Quest University ranked 10th in Most Beautiful Universities in Canada, according to The university is also among the top favorite Canadian universities according to students’ opinion through the National Survey of Student Engagement. Maclean magazine also ranks Canada’s best universities. Though it did not include Quest University due to its less than 1000 student population, the magazine published articles about the university for many years.

Acceptance Rate

The university has an estimated 80% acceptance rate. Considering this figure, international students have excellent chances of getting into Quest University and experience its one-of-a-kind curriculum. Its unique curriculum and academic strategies ensure that students gain learnings and meaningful university experiences like no other.

Quest University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Presidential Scholarships

Available to all applicants, the Presidential Scholarships consider academic distinction. Interested applicants must demonstrate exemplary performance in previous education through their educational records. Furthermore, they should also exhibit the ability to lead, curiosity, and willingness to help and contribute to their community. Applicants must submit their application to the Presidential Scholarships during the admission process. To get better chances of winning this Quest University scholarship, the university encourages the applicants to submit reference letters, a curriculum vita, or a resume of their achievements.

2. Quest University Bursary

International applicants have the opportunity to study at a lesser cost through the Quest University Bursary, a need-based grant to students. To be eligible for this Quest University scholarship, applicants must demonstrate an unmet financial need and send their application before the due date, which generally starts each March.

Furthermore, the application must be sent through Quest University’s application portal, called SquareOne. The university will provide login access to the portal after the applicant submitted their application through Quest or Common portals. It is crucial for international students to declare all their available funding options since the university considers these options when allocating the bursary funds.

Although there are no graduate studies in the university, there are more Quest University scholarships for international students to finance undergraduate studies. Some of these include the Leaders in Elite Athletics and Performance (LEAP) Program and the Gap Year programs. You can look for more information here.


I hope that this article on Quest University scholarships for international students was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Canada Programs for International Students.